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Lean Xtreme reviews

Lean Xtreme

Lean Xtreme reviews

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Lean Xtreme is a weight loss supplement manufactured by a company called Driven Sports. It is an over the counter pill that has been designed to function as a fat burner. That said, according to the official manufacturer’s website, it has been created to accomplish that goal without using any stimulants within the formulation.

This is an important point for many dieters. Stimulants are commonly used in diet pills because they can potentially provide a range of different benefits from fat burning to appetite suppression, as well as alertness and energy, depending on which ones are used and how much are included in a given formula. However, stimulants can also lead to unwanted side effects when they are used in large quantities or when they are taken by people who have sensitivities to that type of substance.

Aside from being able to provide fat burning without stimulants, Driven Sports also claims that Lean Xtreme will help the body to be able to maintain lean muscle, so that washboard abs will become visible once the fat has been burned away and is, therefore, no longer covering them up. Additionally, these supplements are also supposed to reduce cortisol levels in the body. Cortisol is often nicknamed the “stress hormone” and is often blamed for causing people to gain weight and stopping people from being able to lose it as easily. By reducing the level of cortisol, the idea is that it will make weight loss naturally easier for the user.

Lean Xtreme is marketed to two groups of people. While it is a weight loss supplement, it has also been marketed as a sports product for bodybuilders and other individuals who want to be able to reduce the layer of fat that is covering up their muscles. The idea is to provide more definition to the muscles.

All of those promises sound very appealing, but of course, they are only as good as the benefits that they can actually produce. Therefore, if you are considering the use of Lean Xtreme, then it is recommended that you take two primary steps. The first is to consult with a doctor about the way in which you intend to use this product, and the second is to have a closer look at the ingredients that make up the formula, to ensure that these substances are well known for actually producing the effects that are claimed, without dangerous or unwanted side effects.

At the time that this review was written, the ingredients listed on the official webpage for this product were: green tea extract, salvia miltiorrhiza extract, coleus forskohlii extract, phosphatidylserine, 7b-hydroxy, 17b-dihydro DHEA, and BioPerine.