Reductil review

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Reductil is a weight loss medication that had once been sold in countries worldwide through prescriptions from licensed doctors. This drug was also known under its generic form, which was sibutramine. In January 2010, many countries – including the United States – stopped making that drug available.

It was at that time that sibutramine (including brand name reductil) had its approval revoked by many countries which then decided to ban it. Among the countries in which this diet drug is now banned are: the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the United Kingdom, the complete European Union, Australia, New Zealand, India, China, and Thailand.

While this had originally been quite a popular obesity drug, the approval was taken away from Reductil when it was determined that people were having some reactions that could be considered to be quite dangerous. The severe side effects became much more common than had initially been believed.

At the same time, it remains an important name for dieters to know, as many unscrupulous companies have tried to continue selling it online, illegally, or have attempted to replicate its effects using other ingredients, using an altered version of its name to fool people into buying it. Any company that claims to be selling the original Reductil should be considered to be unreputable and they are either lying about the substance that they are selling, or they are illegally selling a banned substance.

It is also illegal to purchase Reductil from other countries. Equally, it is not safe to do so. The reason is that the medication, itself, has been deemed dangerous and taking it puts you at risk of severe and hazardous side effects. However, even if the company selling the pills is lying about the medication being in the pills, there is no way to know what is actually in them, which is also not safe.

Overall, while there had been some dieters that benefitted from the use of Reductil as a part of an overall weight loss program, the potential drawbacks are not worth the benefits that can be achieved. This is particularly true when taking into consideration the number of other approved prescription weight loss drugs that are available, as well as the hundreds of different over the counter alternatives that many people use every day across the country.

If you are looking for an alternative to using Reductil, it is a very good idea to speak with your doctor to find out what type of options are available to you.

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