Lichi SuperFruit review

Lichi SuperFruit

Lichi SuperFruit review

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Weight Loss Effects
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Lichi SuperFruit is a weight loss supplement that is available over the counter and that is currently being sold under the label of a formula that is new and improved. This product is based on a formula that has lychee fruit in it and that is assumed to now contain ingredients that will offer dieters a greater advantage in accomplishing their goal than had been available to them through the previous formulation.

This product is one of an ever-larger category that claims to be able to help dieters in being able to drop their excess body fat and that will also help those same dieters to keep the weight off once it’s gone. This indicates that individuals who use these diet pills will be expected to use this supplement not only while they are losing weight, but also into the future after they have arrived at their goal weight.

According to the product packaging, within a period of 12 weeks, dieters should be able to reduce their overall waist size by 4.48 percent and they should be able to shed 4.6 percent of their overall body weight, when compared to where they were at the beginning of its use. This is accomplished by combining the use of the product with a healthy diet and a fitness appropriate activity regimen.

The official website, itself, is extremely sales oriented, making it difficult to find any real information about the product. It does claim that users will be able to burn fat, keep the weight from coming back, and increase the metabolic rate. While it does mention that aside from lychee, the product also contains raspberry ketone and green tea, it is unclear as to whether or not that is the complete formula or if there are other active ingredients, as well.

At the time that this review was written, Lichi SuperFruit didn’t appear to be sold on its own through the official website. Instead, it was sold as a part of a broader “Lichi System” that included not only the pills, but also appetite suppressant chews, a meal replacement powder, a 6-day cleanse beverage, and a probiotic supplement.

It is not clear whether Lichi SuperFruit is still supposed to be effective on its own or whether it is designed to be useful only when combined with the rest of the system. The lack of information on the official website doesn’t provide the user with that type of guidance. Moreover, it appears that the product can be ordered only through an auto-shipment program on the official website, in which a 14 day free trial leads into the automatic monthly shipment of the full system. While this could be an exception to the rule, these types of auto-ship programs are notorious for causing consumer struggles with cancellations.

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