Green Coffee Plus

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Green Coffee Plus Review
Green Coffee Plus is one of dozens upon dozens of diet pills based on this very popular ingredient which gained the majority of its attention when it was mentioned on an episode of the Dr. Oz daytime talk show program. Unfortunately, the statements made about this ingredient were not only unproven at the time, but they have been disproven since its airing.

Dr. Oz faced a federal Senate committee as a result of having made this and several other similar claims about unproven ingredients. This hasn’t stopped the ingredient from being highly popular as is reflected in the existence of products such as Green Coffee Plus.

That said, it’s important to note that just because the research isn’t there to prove that Green Coffee Plus can work, it doesn’t mean that it won’t. However, without the research into the ingredients and this specific formula combination, it’s not possible for a dieter to know whether or not the ideal quantities are being used, what benefits could be expected, what interactions could occur with other ingredients, medications or medical conditions, or how much is too much and causes the product to become toxic.

The official website for Green Coffee Plus claims that there will be a number of benefits to dieters using this product. For one thing, they claim that there aren’t any fat cells that can “resist” green coffee bean, the main ingredient in this formula. It also states it will help a dieter to lose up to 16 pounds per month, to repair the metabolism, to regulate blood pressure and to improve skin condition.

These are not only unproven claims but they are also quite difficult to believe considering their broad spectrum and their very nature.

While no research was cited in the description of this product on the official website, many of the claims made about it reflect the results of a moderate sized study that was in fact conducted. However, as positive as the results of that study appeared to be, they have been determined to be unusable because the methods used by the researchers turned out to be tainted.

As a result, it’s very difficult to believe the claims made about this product as they appear to lean on research with unusable results. The information they appear to rely on is not considered to be trustworthy by the medical community. It is highly recommended that a doctor be consulted before using this product.

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