BioFitea Herbal Dietary Tea

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BioFitea Herbal Dietary Tea Review

BioFitea Herbal Dietary Tea is an over the counter supplement that is taken in the form of a beverage instead of a pill like a capsule or tablet. This product is meant to help dieters who are trying to lose weight but at the same time, it is also geared toward individuals who are seeking a better fitness level, as well.

This product is sold on a number of different websites, but at the time this review was written, its own official website or a page on an official manufacturer website could not be located. This makes it rather difficult for a consumer to be able to inform him or herself about the product through the manufacturer’s own information. That said, for the purposes of this review, information was gleaned from what was shared on retailer and online market websites where the product was being sold.

According to the product description used for BioFitea Herbal Dietary Tea on, a user of this product will be able to improve his or her weight loss efficiency by “flushing fats and toxins.” That said, it does not make any additional effort to explain what that means or how it is meant to happen as a result of the ingredients in the product. The description also states that using it promotes a healthy digestive system. Again, aside from the claim itself, no additional information or explanation is provided.

This product’s description suggests that either it is meant to work as a fat blocker product or it reflects a rather strange lack of understanding of the way fat loss works in the body. If that fats that it claims to help a person flush are dietary fats found in foods, it means that the product claims to include ingredients that stop the body from absorbing some dietary fat from consumed foods, causing it to travel through the body and head out with the waste, undigested.

On the other hand, if it is claiming that fats stored on the body are somehow detaching and are entering the digestive tract only to be flushed away, then it is a strongly deceptive statement and should not be believed at all.

Unfortunately, the description did not contain a full list of the ingredients in this product. It identified only senna leaves, which are known to work as a type of laxative. Laxatives do not promote fat loss. Instead, they produce only temporary weight loss by causing water loss and relieving constipation. The weight soon returns once the body is rehydrated.

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