Acia Berry Original review

Acai Berry Original

Acia Berry Original review

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Acai Berry Original is a dietary supplement that is made and manufactured by a company called Vida! Supplements. This product is one of hundreds that are currently on the market that each have claims about what this supposed superfood is meant to be able to provide to people who take it in pill form.

The acai berry actually has a rather dubious past within this industry. It is one of the ingredients associated with some of the largest scams that the category has ever seen. Doctors and celebrities have been extensively misquoted about the benefits of this ingredient, making it very difficult for consumers to find information they can trust.

Overall, what is actually known about this ingredient is that it is a berry that is quite nutritious, with a range of different vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, including a high level of antioxidants. It has been compared to blueberries when it comes to its nutritional and health benefits. That said, because it is native to the Amazon, it comes with a certain exotic appeal that has helped to make it highly popular.

Regardless of what claims have been made, there have yet to be any reputable, sizeable studies that would indicate that there is any direct connection between the use of this ingredient and an improvement in measurable fat loss from the human body. This is especially true when it comes to the use of the ingredient in supplement form and not by eating the fresh berries.

What makes the Acai Berry Original from Vida! Supplements stand out is that they have not placed their product in the weight loss category on their website or on other websites that sell this product. On the official manufacturer’s site, it can be found in the “vitality” category.

However, when you actually click on the product, regardless of the category within which it has been filed, the description refers frequently to weight loss benefits. In fact, other advantages that it is meant to provide are clearly listed in a secondary way. Weight loss is obviously the main purpose of this supplement, followed by maintaining a healthy body weight. While the site does cite research, when looking at that research, it turns out it was conducted on flies, not on humans.

While there may very well be health benefits associated with using Acai Berry Original, there is nothing reputable, as of yet, that would suggest that weight loss is among them.

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