Yellow Devils review

Yellow Devils

Yellow Devils review

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Yellow Devils are a nonprescription weight loss supplement that have been on the market for some time now. This product is manufactured by a company called American Generic Labs, which is one of a large number of supplement manufacturers located in Salt Lake City, Utah. That said, it’s also very important to point out that they contain a substance that has been banned by the FDA and the authorities in a large number of other countries: ephedra extract.

Despite the fact that ephedra has not been allowed in weight loss pills for many years in the United States and dozens of other countries around the world, Yellow Devils proudly proclaim that their pills contain 25 mg of its extract. Dieters should be aware that it is not legal to produce sell or purchase ephedra and that the reason behind that decision is that the ingredient has been linked with several deaths and even more instances of severe side effects.

On top of that, the ephedra in Yellow Devils has been combined with other stimulants. This on its own should be considered worrisome to anyone concerned about his or her health, but the issue becomes more powerful when looking at exactly what those stimulants are. Within each serving of capsules is 300 mg of caffeine. This is the same as drinking three cups of coffee all at the same time. That would cause side effects in many dieters, but it worsens when taking into consideration that this is not the only source of caffeine, as it is also present in the kola nut seed extract in this formulation.

On top of that, this product contains another stimulant called bitter orange fruit extract, which contains synephrine. Synephrine is not only a strong stimulant in its own right but it has also been deemed potentially dangerous when taken in combination with caffeine, of which there is a large amount within this pill. The FDA has issued a warning to dieters to caution them that the combination of synephrine and caffeine can increase the risk of severe side effects such as heart attack and stroke.

Before even purchasing this product, let alone taking it, it is extremely advisable to speak with a doctor as this could not only place a dieter in potential legal hot water, but it could also place his or her health in jeopardy. A licensed doctor will help to guide you to find a legal and safe alternative to this product.

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