Xenadrine Core reviews

Xenadrine Core

Xenadrine Core reviews

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Xenadrine Core is an over the counter thermogenic supplement that is designed to provide dieters with a tool that will help them to lose weight more quickly than they would be capable of doing on their own. It calls itself a “hardcore” formula that comes in a blue chrome pill that is created for rapid release.

The official webpage for this product on the brand’s website claims that from the very first time that this pill is taken, the user will experience an “intense thermo sensation” that they will be able to “feel searing through” their bodies. In order to better understand exactly what that means and to know whether or not the product can actually live up to its claims, it is important to look into the ingredients that make up this formula.

At the time that this review was written, the official website listed the ingredients within these capsules as being: sacred lotus (nelembo nucifera), gotu kola, perilla leaf extract, and caraway seed extract. It is clear from this list that there is a considerable focus on stimulants in this formula. This isn’t surprising, as stimulants often make up the core of thermogenic supplements. The reason is that stimulants can function to raise the body temperature – which is exactly what thermogenesis is all about.

The concept is that by increasing the body temperature, more calories from fuel such as food and body fat, are burned away just to produce the heat, instead of needing to be burned through exercise, for example. That said, thermogenic diet pills like Xenadrine Core are most effective when they are combined with cardio workouts.

The official website makes several references to two studies that it says have proven that its ingredients work. It even provides a couple of graphs to underscore the additional weight loss that it can provide. However, at the time that this review was written, any information as to where this study was published, who conducted it, or specifically what methods were used – including the number of people who were actually involved – were not identified. This suggests that it may have been conducted by the company itself or a business under its employ, and not a reputable scientific testing group that would then publish its findings in peer reviewed journals.

It is important to note that the ingredients in this formula will cause side effects in some dieters. It is highly recommended that anyone considering Xenadrine Core first speak with a doctor.

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