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Hydroxycut Instant Drink Mix review

Hydroxycut Instant Drink Mix

Hydroxycut Instant Drink Mix review

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Hydroxycut Instant Drink Mix is a dietary supplement for weight loss. It is designed to increase energy and is meant to be taken in conjunction with diet and exercise to help dieters lose more weight than if they were just dieting alone.

The key ingredients in Hydroxycut Instant Drink Mix are lady’s mantle extract, wild olive extract, komijn extract, and wild mint extract. The claim is that these ingredients, which make up the Hydroxyprovia part of the Pro Clinical Hydroxycut Blend in this product, provide effective weight loss results.

At the time of this review, the official product page for Hydroxycut Instant Drink Mix mentions two studies conducted on the product’s key ingredients to further prove the efficacy of these ingredients in regard to weight loss. However, the studies were conducted only on the ingredients and not on the actual supplement. Furthermore, there are no citations provided for the studies that are mentioned. Therefore, what is provided on the website is not enough clinical evidence to prove that these ingredients are actually effective for weight loss. In other words, there is absolutely no proof that this product can help someone lose weight.

In addition to the key ingredients, Hydroxycut Instant Drink Mix also contains caffeine anhydrous, acerola concentrate, goji extract, blueberry, pomegranate, bilberry extract, vitamin C, and calcium. Caffeine anhydrous is the energy boosting ingredient in this supplement. That being said, because it has been used in the formula, there is the potential for caffeine-related side effects. Some of these may include: sleeplessness, rapid heartbeat, nervousness, restlessness, jitters, upset stomach, etc.

On a plus side, this product contains no sugar and is only 10 calories per serving. It is also very easy to take and comes in a tasty wildberry flavor. According to the official website, the best way to take this product is to open a standard size (16.9 ounces) bottle of water, take a sip of water, and then pour one full packet of the drink mixture into the bottle. Close it, shake it well, open, and then drink right away. Do this three times per day, 30 minutes prior to eating a major meal.

For best results, the manufacturer recommends that you do not snack between meals or after dinner. You should also consume between 8 – 10 glasses of water daily and you should not take more than three of the drink packets within a 24 hour period.

It is in your best interest to speak with your healthcare provider before taking this product.