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oxyphedra reviews


oxyphedra reviews

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Weight Loss Effects
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Oxyphedra is an over the counter diet pill that is advertised as being able to generate extreme fat loss in the body so that the dieting process is easier. However, as there are so many other products on the market that currently claim that they will accomplish that same goal, it is understandable if a dieter would want to look a little more deeply into what the product is actually capable of accomplishing.

This is especially true when you consider that a bottle of Oxyphedra costs $100 (though at the time of this review, it was found at a discounted rate, on sale, for $69.95). With that kind of money on the line, most dieters will want to know that a pill will be able to promote the kind of weight loss that it promises.

The first step in this process is to look at the ingredients in its formula. The official Oxyphedra website lists all of its ingredients, which include eurycoma longifolla, white willow bark, advantra Z, and tribulus terrestris. It also includes three additional stimulants. Avantra Z is described as an ephedra alternative and is supposed to suppress the appetite while helping to burn fat and calories every day. Eurycoma longifolia is a testosterone booster, which they claim will help to help with muscle building. White willow bark is often used as an anti-inflammatory. It is important not to take other forms of pain medication and other drugs in combination with this ingredient. Tribulus terrestris provides blood glucose level regulation and muscle enhancement.

The marketing for this product is aimed specifically toward men, though it doesn’t state that it will not work for women. This is likely because of the eurycoma longifolia, as the testosterone production it promotes is a male hormone. Though it is present in the female body, as well, in larger quantities, it can produce side effects.

The website for Oxyphedra is large and provides a good amount of information about the product, including a helpful FAQ section. It has a 90 day money-back satisfaction guarantee that will refund the price of the product, minus the shipping and handling.

The manufacturer also supports this product with a toll free telephone number and online chat service that is available during business hours, from Monday to Friday (Mountain Time). Though there is mention of a free trial product available on several other sites that discuss this product, at the time of this review, no mention of that offer could be found on the official website.