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Thermo Rip Fat Burner

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Thermo Rip Fat Burner ReviewThermo Rip Fat Burner is a dietary fat burning supplement designed to help enhance metabolism, reduce body fat, and increase energy. It is a diet pill from Fitness Labs that has been specifically formulated for those who exercise.

The official product page for Thermo Rip Fat Burner claims that this dietary supplement is “made with 5 top diet ingredients to help enhance metabolism, reduce body fat and increase energy”.

When this Thermo Rip Fat Burner review was written, the formula was composed of a Thermo Rip Complex: Sinetrol Xpur Fruit Extracts (grapefruit extract, sweet orange extract, guarana extract, blood orange extract), Green Tea Leaf Extract, Caffeine Anhydrous, L-Tyrosine, Cayenne Pepper.

According to Fitness Labs, Sinetrol Xpur’s fruit extracts contain specific bioactive flavonoids that have been shown to boost the breakdown of fat (lipolysis). Green tea provides a high level of EGCG, a fat-fighting compound that research suggests can enhance the effects of the body’s own fat burning substances and improve exercise performance. Combined with caffeine, green tea is thought to have an even stronger effect on producing fat burning results. L-tyrosine is also believed to function like a natural fat burner, while cayenne pepper is thought to increase calorie burning, fat burning and reduce appetite.

Although Fitness Labs has referred to studies to back up the claims it has made about the ingredients within its formula, this doesn’t actually mean that these ingredients or the Thermo Rip Fat Burner formula is effective at aiding in weight loss or producing measurable long-term weight loss results.

A few positive scientific studies is not enough to demonstrate that these ingredients are proven for weight loss. On the contrary, more research needs to be conducted on each of these ingredients to determine their effects on treating overweight and obese individuals in regard to fat reduction.

Also, keep in mind that this diet pill contains multiple stimulants as it has both caffeine and guarana. Moreover, the manufacturer does not reveal how much of each of these substances has been included within its formula so there is no way of knowing how much caffeine you are receiving per serving.

The directions are to take 2 capsules, twice per day. Two capsules are equivalent to one serving size, which contains 1,075 mg of the Thermo Rip Complex. Although the manufacturer has not provided any additional dosage instructions, it would be a good idea to avoid taking this diet pill too late in the day to reduce the risk of sleep disturbances, which may result from taking caffeine too close to bedtime.

Consult with your healthcare provider before taking Thermo Rip Fat Burner to make sure it is a safe choice for you.