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Prescopodene review


Prescopodene review

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Prescopodene is an over the counter weight loss supplement pill that has been designed to assist dieters in their effort to drop their excess pounds more easily and rapidly than would be possible with diet and exercise alone. The official website lists three different company names behind this product. These are Drop Down Ltd, Fittiny Health Ltd. and JC Arnica Corp.

When looking into those companies, JC Arnica Corp is a business based in Panama that has locations in the United States, New Zealand, Australia, Panama, Philippines, Canada, Romania, and the United Kingdom. This was the only company among the three for which an official website could be found. The Prescopodene diet pill is listed among the products it produces, on that official website, as well as on the pill’s own official website.

Fittiny Health Ltd. is a company based in the United Kingdom. It was first registered on February 8, 2013. Drop Down Ltd. is also registered in the United Kingdom and was created on the same day as Fittiny Health, though their addresses are entirely different. Both Fittiny Health and Drop Down are currently registered as active but dormant.

Therefore, the information for this review was gleaned from the official Prescopodene website, as well as the official website of JC Arnica Corp. Typically, after speaking with a doctor, the first step in reviewing a diet pill is to look into its ingredients. What was interesting about this process in the case of Prescopodene is that the ingredients are listed differently on the official pill website and the official manufacturer’s website.

The pill’s website lists the ingredients as being: green tea, grape seed extract, vitamin C and B6, quercetin, magnesium, L-tyrosine, hordenine, octopamine, tyramine, ginger root, and pantothenic acid.

On the other hand, the manufacturer’s website lists the ingredients as: green tea extract, DMAE, tyrosine, pyridoxine HCP, yerba mate, vitamin C, magnesium, pantothenic acid, ginger root, grape seed extract, cocoa extract, and Avantra Z.

Oddly, neither one of those lists is all that impressive, as there is only one ingredient on both lists – the green tea – that has any substantial scientific or medical evidence to suggest that it will produce the outcomes that it promises. That said, the list on the pill’s site is favorable to that of the manufacturer’s site, if only because it does not contain Avantra Z, which is made from bitter orange (citrus aurantium). That substance contains synephrine, against which the FDA has released a consumer safety warning.

It is notable that the official website of the manufacturer said that this product was created with “extensive testing and landmark clinical trials,” but it did not provide any of the details of that research.