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Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite review

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite

Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite review

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Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite is a nonprescription weight loss pill that is among many with similar names by this brand. It claims to provide “powerful weight loss” through enhanced focus, energy, and “super-thermogenesis”.

As this product contains a high level of stimulants, it is a very good idea for dieters to speak with their doctors before beginning its use. It is not appropriate for everyone, and its stimulant content will cause many dieters to experience side effects such as nervousness, shakes and tremors, higher blood pressure, a rapid heartbeat, heart palpitations, sleep struggles, and others. To the credit of the manufacturer, this site does caution users that everyone has a different tolerance level to stimulants, so this product should be taken with care and it is not right for all dieters.

Though the marketing does not say so specifically, the wording and images on the official webpage suggest that it is meant primarily for male dieters. While the website claims to have conducted two studies on the ingredients within this formula, the lack of information about the study does not suggest that it was conducted by anyone outside of MuscleTech (the company behind the Hydroxycut brand) and it doesn’t identify the number of people who were involved, so it is unclear as to whether or not it was enough to show that it is both safe and effective.

The ingredients within the Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite formula include: caffeine anhydrous (270 mg), green coffee extract, coleus extract, L-theanine, cocoa extract, and yohimbe extract. There are stimulants in several of these ingredients and the amount of caffeine, alone, is already the equivalent to more than 2 cups of coffee. Considering that this is taken all at once instead of being sipped throughout the day, this indicates that there is a high chance that many dieters will, indeed, suffer from the types of side effects mentioned above.

That said, if taken in advance of a cardio workout, many dieters will be able to burn fat more quickly and easily than they would with exercise alone, and the added energy could give exercisers a boost to help them to power through workouts more effectively, without suffering from fatigue that could drain their motivation.

Therefore, for the dieters who have a high stimulant tolerance, this could be helpful alongside their cardio workouts. However, Hydroxycut Hardcore Elite should be taken with care in order to ensure that the benefits will outweigh potential drawbacks.