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Epiq Heat GC review

Epiq Heat GC

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Epiq Heat GC reviewEpiq Heat GC is an over the counter weight loss product that is meant to help people to be able to shed the fat faster than they would be capable of doing on their own. It is a formula marketed as being stimulant-free despite the fact that it contains green coffee as one of its primary ingredients. These caplets are meant to be taken in order to lose weight more quickly.

According to the official webpage for this product on the manufacturer’s website, users of Epiq Heat GC should take one caplet with 8 ounces of water, twice per day. The diet pills should be taken between thirty and sixty minutes before eating the two largest meals of the day, whichever they may be. The product description recommends that this supplement be used for sixty straight days while also following a diet and keeping up with training.

It doesn’t specifically say what type of dieting and training should be maintained. Moreover, it doesn’t say whether or not it is safe to continue the product after a sixty day period. This leaves consumers with a number of important questions with regards to the way to use this product for the best and safest results.

The ingredients that make up the Epiq Heat GC formula include the EPIQ Weight Loss Blend, which is made of: garcinia cambogia fruit extract (500 mg), a green coffee blend (which is composed of green coffee bean extract), as well as the lychee and tea blend (which is composed of lychee fruit extract and green tea leaf extract). It also contains black pepper fruit extract.

Overall, this is a completely unproven formula. There is some limited research that has been conducted on garcinia cambogia and green coffee bean extract, but most of the applause that has been given to these ingredients is media hype and not backed by science. In fact, a growing amount of research is starting to suggest that green coffee bean extract use could come with some rather nasty potential side effects, particularly when used over time.

The green tea leaf extract does have some medical research support behind it. Patients with obesity have been known to lose some of their body mass when taking green tea leaf extract. That said, a large amount of this substance was used in those studies. The ingredients list for this product doesn’t indicate how much green tea leaf extract was used in this product, so it is impossible to know whether the same amount was used in this product as there was in the studies.

The black pepper fruit extract is known to be very effective for boosting the absorption of other ingredients.