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SlimTone Now review

SlimTone Now

SlimTone Now review

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Weight Loss Effects
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SlimTone Now is, according to its manufacturers, a nonprescription weight loss product that is made up of a number of different ingredients that have been clinically proven. It is geared specifically toward people who will be following the SlimTone Easy Weight Loss System and who will be using the pills produced by this company in order to help them to achieve the best possible results. This product is meant to help to promote faster and easier weight loss through appetite suppression and thermogenesis.

The SlimTone Now pills are sold at a competitive price and come with the benefit that the program recommends that they be combined with exercise as a part of an overall routine. This is an element that is often lacking in the recommendations of diet pills, and it is very important not only for achieving the fastest possible weight loss, but also in making sure that the weight won’t come back on, because healthy lifestyle patterns will have been established throughout the dieting process.

Although the product itself has not undergone any clinical trials, at the time of this review, the majority of the ingredients had been studied in some capacity. In fact, the official website for the product does actually take the step of including a summary and reference to these studies so that they can be reviewed by the dieter.

The downside, on the other hand, is that many consumer reviews have indicated that the routine can be quite complex and that many of them struggled to be able to keep it up. Moreover, when perusing the list of ingredients, it becomes clear very quickly that the product is made up of a number of strong stimulants. This means that there is a chance that many dieters will experience side effects that are associated with those stimulants, such as jitters, sleep struggles, headache, and anxiety.

Though the website does provide a great deal of information, much of it is also written in scientific language and jargon. For the average dieter, much of this would not be easy to understand.

Although green tea extract is the primary ingredient in SlimTone now, and it is the center of many of the claims made about this product, it also contains a number of other substances which, like green tea, also contain caffeine. All of the active ingredients in this product include green tea extract, guarana, Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), chromium chelate, L-tyrosine, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, Cocoa extract, Sea Weed extract, L-argenine, and L-Ornathine.