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Hoodia Bites review

Hoodia Bites

Hoodia Bites review

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Hoodia Bites are among hundreds of different weight loss products that are currently available for sale and that include the greatly hyped ingredient from which it has been named. If you are considering the use of this product, you may be interested in considering the ingredients, first, so that you can identify the difference – or lack thereof – between it and the other options that are based on hoodia.

Although hoodia has been marketed as a “magic bullet” for weight loss, there have been no major studies on this ingredient that have shown that a capsule, caplet, or tablet that contains it can help in weight loss or even that they are safe for use by humans. This ingredient is essentially untested, but it has not stopped dozens upon dozens of supplement manufacturers from making weight loss claims about it.

What is different about Hoodia Bites is that instead of coming in the form of a pill to swallow, it is a chocolate flavored chew. The claims about it are the same as other hoodia based pill products, but this one promises to begin working in five minutes.

The ingredient’s popularity is based on the story behind its use by southern African tribesmen who used to chew the native succulent (a cactus like plant) when they were on long journeys in the desert when they would not be able to bring enough food with them. A molecule called P57 is the active ingredient in this plant. Despite a great deal of hype, no reputable medical or clinical study has said that this molecule can produce any effects that will lead to a reduction in body fat.

On the official website for Hoodia Bites, there is reference to a small study that a Dr. Goldfarb has conducted with the participation of seven patients. It indicated that the ingredient was effective. That said, this study was extremely tiny, was not placebo controlled, and was never officially written up for publication in a peer reviewed journal.

The ingredients in this formula include 250 milligrams of hoodia gordonii. That is the only active ingredient and the rest are simply the substances that make up the capsule, itself.

Before considering the use of Hoodia Bites, it is highly recommended that you speak with your doctor. The odds are that he or she will recommend another strategy – and possibly another diet pill – to help you to more safely and effectively reach your weight loss goals.