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ALRI Tri-Lean System

ALRI Tri-Lean System reviews

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Weight Loss Effects
Suppresses Appetite
Increases Energy
Value for Money
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The ALRI Tri-Lean System is a program designed for weight loss that is made up of three different types of supplements that are packaged in one kit which – according to the manufacturer – will provide the dieter with the ultimate fat burning system.

The three ALRI Tri-Lean System supplements are:

  • Special Tactics
  • Lean Dreams
  • Hyperdrive 3.0

Each of them has their own specific purpose to help the user to achieve their weight loss goals in a way that would be faster and easier than without their use.

A Closer Look at the “Ultimate Fat Burning System”

The following are the ways in which each supplement helps to benefit a dieter with their weight loss goals:

  • Special Tactics is meant to block fat absorption, and to boost the fat burning process in the body
  • Lean Dreams is a supplement designed to support a healthier sleep
  • Hyperdrive is designed to be an appetite suppressant and a fat burner

Though the manufacturer makes strong claims about the benefits and effectiveness of each of these supplements, it is important to point out that none are supported with scientific or clinical research.

Three Proprietary Formulas

Each of the ALRI Tri-Lean System supplements is made up of a proprietary formula. The primary ingredients of each include:

HyperDrive supplement

  • Cocoamine
  • Guarana extract
  • Hoodia gordonii

Lean Dreams

  • Oleamide
  • L-tryptophane ethyl ester
  • Ziziphus jujubaPE 2%

Special Tactics

  • Theobroma cacao extract
  • Polygonum
  • Multiflorum proprietary extract

The Less Impressive Side of the ALRI Tri-Lean System

Though neither Special Tactics nor Hyperdrive have caffeine listed specifically within their ingredients, they both include a number of caffeine sources, including guarana, theobroma, and green tea. Neither label makes special mention of this fact.

Instead, the packaging for this product specifically says that it is “stimulant free”, even though green tea and guarana are both ingredients that contain stimulants and have the potential to cause a user to experience the same unwanted side effects that they would from a product that contains caffeine. Some of the more common types of unwanted stimulant-related effects typically include: jitters, difficulty sleeping, restlessness, headache. The fact that the manufacturer lied about the ALRI Tri-Lean System being “stimulant free” immediately draws the integrity of both the product and its creator into question.

Another disappointing aspect of this OTC weight management aid is hoodia. Though hoodia has attracted a great deal of media hype about being an appetite suppressant, it has yet to prove itself effective for either the suppression of the appetite or weight loss in general. So far, double blind placebo-based studies have shown that there is no statistically significant difference between placebo groups of dieters and those who were given hoodia.

That being said, the Lean Dreams supplement does contain typical natural sleep aid ingredients, including valerian root, magnolia, and melatonin, which are all commonly used in sleep supplements and may have positive effects on sleep when used regularly. That said, this PM diet pill supplement will not have any impact on your weight loss.

The Bottom Line

Among the advantages of ALRI Tri-Lean System are that even though it is made up of a proprietary formula, its ingredients can be commonly found in many OTC weight management supplements and many have been studied. Also, though it does not list caffeine among its ingredients, many parts of the formula are caffeinated, and that is believed to cause a boost in metabolism and energy.

Among the drawbacks of ALRI Tri-Lean System are that the quantities of the ingredients are unknown because it is a proprietary blend. The way that the product is labeled is also questionable as it calls itself “stimulant free”, though it clearly contains ingredients that have stimulants in them. Moreover, when compared to the competition, this product is quite expensive. Also, it contains unproven ingredients as well as those that have been proven not to work.

In spite of the ALRI Tri-Lean System seeming to be an impressive OTC weight management aid, the reality is that the manufacturer has been dishonest about its claims and there is no proof that it works. It would likely be in your best interest to avoid this product, or at the very least, consult with your healthcare provider before use.

Update – August 2020

ALRI Tri-Lean System is currently unavailable for purchase. The official site does not exist and retailers and marketplaces that used to carry it, such as Amazon, list it as being “currently unavailable” and not knowing if the item will be back in stock. There is a very good chance that it is been discontinued or rebranded. Either way, this specific system is no longer being sold.

That being said, there are still plenty of other nonprescription diet pills marketed for fat burning, appetite suppression and PM use available. Whatever you might choose, make sure it’s coming from a reputable company that provides honest information about its product.

Hoodiadrene Review


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Hoodiadrene is a form of diet supplement that is made of the very popular and yet unproven extract of hoodia gordonii. In this case, however, it is combined with a fat burning formulation that is called Z Plex.

Although most evidence https://nccih.nih.gov/health/hoodia at the moment suggests that hoodia diet pills don’t have much to offer dieters, it is only fair to examine the manufacturer and the formula further to give this product a chance as it may be worth a try despite the fact that its name links it to more hype than substance.

Manufactured in the United States

These pills are manufactured by a large supplement producer called Newton Everett Biotech, which is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. It is distributed by another large company, called Biovea.

Although hoodia based products are typically marketed as being appetite suppressants, first, in this case, the supplement is said to be a powerful thermogenic formulated for both men and women. Other benefits that Hoodiadrene supposedly delivers include:

  • Fat burning
  • Appetite suppression
  • Increased energy and strength
  • Improved muscle tone
  • No dangerous side effects

Thermogenic Formula – Hoodiadrene Ingredients

When this Hoodiadrene review was written, this diet pill’s formula was composed of the following ingredients:

  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B6
  • Pantothenic Acid
  • Magnesium
  • Hoodia Gordonii

It also contained a Z-Plex Blend:

  • Ginger
  • Quercetin
  • Cocoa
  • Yerba Mate
  • Extract
  • DL-Methionine
  • Grape Seed Extract
  • Advantra Z® Citrus Aurantium
  • N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine
  • Fisetin
  • DMAE Bitartrate

Thermogenic diet pills are said to function by increasing the body temperature so that more calories can be burned off as heat instead. This can give a small boost to the fat burning of an inactive dieter or can help to considerably increase the fat burner of someone who exercises while using the product – particularly when using cardiovascular exercise.

This does, however, also suggest that Hoodiadrene – like all thermogenics – will be associated with some uncomfortable side effects, despite the fact that the website advertises that there are no dangerous side effects associated with this product.

Unpleasant Side Effects are Possible

Even though the manufacturer claims that there are no dangerous side effects, this doesn’t mean that you can’t experience adverse effects when taking Hoodiadrene. The reason is that it contains both synephrine (a natural stimulant found in citrus aurantium) and caffeine (found in yerba mate). Combined, synephrine can boost the effects (both good and bad) of caffeine. As such, this could mean an increased risk of experiencing:

  • Jitters
  • Restlessness
  • Anxiety
  • Nervousness
  • Headache
  • Digestive upset
  • Rapid heartbeat
  • Insomnia

The risk of experiencing these negative side effects is higher in individuals who are sensitive to these stimulant ingredients and for those who take other supplements, medications or foods or beverages that contain stimulants with Hoodiadrene.

What’s more, according to the directions on the package for Hoodiadrene, the first 10 days require the product to be taken 3 times per day, with 3 capsules taken about 30 minutes prior to each meal (for a total of 9 capsules per day). After that time, as long as this amount has been tolerated well, the dose is reduced to 2 capsules taken 3 times per day with meals. However, in the case that the dieter feels that it was too strong for the first 10 days or they lost weight too quickly, they can take 1 capsule, 3 times per day.

Considering the claims that the distributor made that there are no strong side effects connected with its use, it is interesting that the instructions provide a recommendation in the case that the product’s effects are too strong.

Final Thoughts

The conflicting nature of the information provided about Hoodiadrene makes it a good idea to avoid it and choose a more reliable product for weight loss, instead.

Of course, if you should decide that Hoodiadrene has a formula that you feel could be of benefit to your weight loss goals, remember that although its formula has not been proven effective for weight loss, to obtain the most benefit that this diet pill has to offer, it is best to combine it with diet and exercise.

Additionally, do not forget that speaking with your doctor is always wise before beginning any new dietary supplement. This is of particular importance if you are pregnant, nursing, planning on becoming pregnant, have a known medical condition or are currently taking medications or other herbal supplements to treat a health problem.

Mega Hoodia

mega hoodia capsules

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Weight Loss Effects
Suppresses Appetite
Increases Energy
Value for Money
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Mega Hoodia is a weight loss pill manufactured by Vipro Lifescience. The official website mentioned the product and that it is designed to be an ayurvedic and herbal slimming product, but that is essentially the extent of the information that could be found at the time that this review was written. Therefore, the information in this review was gleaned from third party websites selling the product and other professional and consumer reviews. 

Hoodia Gordonii is the Only Active Ingredient in Mega Hoodia

As far as could be found, it looks as though Mega Hoodia’s only active ingredient is 500 mg of hoodia gordonii. This is a cactus like plant from South Africa that has been a part of one of the most widely hyped weight loss crazes in North America and other parts of the world.

This hype caused a tremendous wave of products based on this ingredient (or versions of it) to hit the shelves. Unfortunately, there was far more enthusiasm than there was evidence that the ingredient actually worked.

The basis for the popularity of the main ingredient in Mega Hoodia was that it had traditionally been used by bush people in the area local to where it grows naturally. As the story goes, it was used in order to help to suppress the appetite at times when food was scarce, and by hunters who would be away for long periods of time and could not return to their homes for food while they were on their expeditions.

How Does Hoodia Work? 

It is believed that the active ingredient in Hoodia is the appetite-suppressing molecule, P57, or oxypregnane steroidal glycoside P57AS3. In very few clinical studies, P57 has been researched to determine its potential as an anti-obesity drug.

The theory is that P57 acts on the brain in a manner that is similar to glucose, tricking the brain into thinking that the stomach is full when it is empty, lowering interest in food and delaying the time before hunger can set in. Some research suggests that it may work at the level of the hypothalamus to curb hunger signals.

That being said, research on hoodia’s effects in humans is extremely limited and many more clinical trials are required to determine this ingredient’s possible efficacy and safety for weight loss. 

Unproven Appetite Suppressing Effects

So far, science has been showing that dieters taking products based on hoodia do not lose any more weight than they would without it. This is not specific to Mega Hoodia, but as the only active ingredient in that product is hoodia, it likely does apply.

Although these announcements caused many products based on hoodia to fail, Mega Hoodia has managed to hang in there. This may be because it contains a great deal more of the ingredient than most of its competition. The average supplement with hoodia contains about 250 mg. Clearly, Mega Hoodia contains double that average amount in each serving, which is two pills.

The manufacturer also stands out in that it now claims to have a CITES certificate for the hoodia that they import for the product. This is not a common achievement in hoodia products as it is an expensive process and it does require some effort to do it legitimately. Equally, its certification does not mean that it is effective. The FDA has released a warning about hoodia as its safety and effectiveness have not been properly tested in humans.


Update October 2019 – Mega Hoodia by Vipro Lifescience no longer appears to be available for purchase online. Although the Vipro Lifescience website still exits, the site dose not seem to sell its products.  That being said, there is another version of Mega Hoodia available, but it is sold by a different manufacturer, NOW Foods. It also contains 500 mg of hoodia gordonii and it may be a good alternative, if you were hoping to try the Vipro Lifescience product, as it can currently be bought online. However, remember that it is always in your best interest to discuss your diet pill options with your doctor.


Fatburn7 Weight Loss Pills

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Weight Loss Effects
Suppresses Appetite
Increases Energy
Value for Money
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FatBurn7 is a weight loss supplement that is marketed as a fat burner and advertises “maximum weight loss.” It comes from a manufacturer called Advanced Herbaceuticals LLC, and one of the claims is that you can lose weight without jitters or side effects and that it is produced within plants that meet American GMP certification standards.

This is very promising in terms of the quality of treatment the ingredients receive when this weight loss pill is processed. However, beyond that quality manufacturing, the real question is whether or not FatBurn7 is actually safe to take and effective for fat loss. 

FatBurn7 Ingredients at a Glance

Having a look at the ingredients in FatBurn7 is the primary way to understand what this pill has to offer. Within its list of complexes are the following:

  • Chromium picolinate – this ingredient is exceptionally common in weight loss pills. There are many claims that it helps with glycemic control and the building of muscle

Within the FB7 Satiety Block Complex™, there is also:

  • 5-HTP – This is an ingredient that is unproven but that is often used in drugs to control hunger pangs.
  • Hoodia Gordonii – This is a highly hyped ingredient that has seen a lot of media attention, and yet has never once been proven to decrease hunger in any significant way. The Mayo Clinic also suggests that further study is needed before promises can truly be made about this ingredient.
  • Cha de Bugre – An ingredient which is popular in Brazil, cha de bugre is believed to be both a powerful stimulant and appetite suppressant. However, there is not enough known about this ingredient to know how it might truly work or if it is even safe to use.
  • Irvingia Gabonensis – Though further research is required, initial studies have suggested that this herb may have some impact on the metabolism of fat in as short a time as ten weeks.

Within the FB7 Thermogenic Complex™, are the following:

  • Green Tea Extract – Though green tea has been known to be helpful in fat loss, a tremendous quantity of it is required in order to do so. As the specific concentration is not provided by the manufacturer, it cannot be stated whether or not the inclusion of green tea will help this formula.
  • Guggulsterones – Studies show that while this ingredient can be mildly effective in helping with weight loss, a very high quantity of it is required. It is unlikely that this formula contains enough for this efficacy.

Within the FB7 Lipo Block Complex™ is:

  • Caralluma Fimbrata – This is a natural ingredient which some believe may help to lower the number of fatty deposits found within the body. Some research has indicated this, but further research is required in order to conclusively make this claim.
  • Cissus Quadrangularis – Though this is a very strong antioxidant, it does not appear to have any direct relation to weight loss. 

More for Bodybuilding than Weight Loss

All this being said, absolutely none of the ingredients in FatBurn7 have ever been proven effective or safe for helping a person lose weight loss at all or causing long-term measurable fat loss.

As previously mentioned, even green tea, which some studies have found to be helpful in boosting metabolism, isn’t likely to provide much weight loss support in this particular formula as it lacks the significant quantity required for such benefits to be seen.

The bottom line is that the fat loss effect of FatBurn7 is not truly meant for dieters but is instead aimed at individuals who are body building and are seeking to decrease the fat in their bodies to keep their muscles defined. There are a few stimulants in FatBurn7 (e.g. cha de bugre, green tea), so people with a sensitivity to stimulants should avoid this product.

Even after reading this review if you feel that you would like to try FatBurn7, it is recommended that you first consult with your healthcare provider before you do to be on the safe side.

Update: As of August 2019, FatBurn7 was no longer available. The official website was gone and the last time its official Twitter feed was last updated was in 2012. It also was not available for sale on any reputable website. All of this suggests that this diet pill is either sold under a new name or it has been discontinued altogether.

Herbalean Pills


Herbalean Pills

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Weight Loss Effects
Suppresses Appetite
Increases Energy
Value for Money
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The Herbalean formula has been designed by its manufacturer to be used as a weight loss and energy supplement. It contains several ingredients that are well known within the over the counter (OTC) weight loss industry and is marketed as being “all natural” and “powerful.”

The Benefits of Herbalean

According to the product label of this diet pill, it offers three main advantages. These include:

  • Fat burning
  • Increased energy
  • Appetite suppression

If this dietary supplement does indeed provide these benefits, it has the potential to offer overweight individuals who are seeking to shed excess pounds, support with their weight loss goals. In other words, it may be beneficial in helping a person feel energized enough to remain committed with their workouts as well as get the most out of their exercise. Moreover, if it does help to control appetite, this could make it easier to maintain a calorie-conscious diet. All these benefits could help reduce weight. 

What Ingredients Will You Find Within the Formula?

Once upon a time, this OTC weight loss aid contained a number of extremely powerful ingredients that were well known to cause potentially dangerous side effects.

For instance, it once contained Ma Huang extract, which is another name for the banned herb ephedra. This ingredient has been banned outright by national health organizations such as the FDA and Health Canada, making it illegal to produce, buy, or sell in those and many other countries.

However, when this Herbalean review was written, the manufacturer had upgraded the ingredients and replaced the Ma Huang with Citrus Aurantium. This is also known as bitter orange and contains a naturally occurring stimulant known as synephrine. Once ephedra was banned, many diet pill manufacturers switched out the ephedra in their products for citrus aurantium, which has been known to produce potentially dangerous cardiovascular effects when combine with caffeine.

That being said, here is a list of the Herbalean ingredients:

  • Chromium,
  • Citrus Aurantium,
  • Paullinia sorbilis extract,
  • Lotus root extract,
  • Hoodia Gordonii,
  • Garcinia Cambogia,
  • White willow bark,
  • Citrus bigardia extract,
  • Konjac root,
  • Uva Usi,
  • Ginger root,
  • Eleutherococcus senticosus,
  • Bee pollen,
  • Green tea,
  • Pyruvate,
  • 77 trace minerals

Upon Closer Examination

To take a closer look at some of the primary ingredients in the product, let us start at the beginning. Though Chromium has been researched using many studies, the results have been highly conflicting and therefore there has been no true conclusion as to whether or not it has any impact on weight loss at all. That being said, the Mayo Clinic states that it is likely harmless.

Hoodia Gordonii, though popularly believed to help with weight loss has never been shown in any reliable clinical studies to have any statistically significant impact on a dieter’s ability to lose weight.

Garcinia Cambogia is an ingredient used for its hydroxycitric acid (HCA) content. This ingredient has been shown to be able to help with weight loss, but it also has the potential to be exceptionally hazardous to the health. So much so that in May of 2009, the FDA issued a warning against another brand of pills called Hydroxycut, which had produced 23 reports to the FDA over health concerns related to the liver which are suspected to be linked to the HCA ingredient in the drug. The manufacturer of that drug voluntarily recalled its product and many responsible websites no longer carry any product that contains HCA.

Green tea can help with weight loss when taken at a dose of at least 300mg per day. Though the precise concentration is not provided, its place on the ingredient list suggests that there is not enough green tea in this product to make any difference.

When this review was created, Herbalean could be purchased online at different sites for varying prices, including anywhere from $60 to over $100 per bottle.  However, an official product page no longer existed, and the product could no longer be purchased on amazon. This could mean that it is being discontinued or that’s its formula is being revamped another time.

Overall, due to this product’s harsh formula, even without ephedra, it would be in your best interest to choose a safer and more trustworthy diet pill. Still, if you would like to try Herbalean for yourself, play it safe and consult your doctor first.


hoodiatherm weight loss pills


hoodiatherm weight loss pills

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Weight Loss Effects
Suppresses Appetite
Increases Energy
Value for Money
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HoodiaTherm is an over-the-counter (OTC) diet pill that claims to help a person lose weight by reducing appetite to decrease feelings of hunger. When you are not as hungry, you have a better chance of ingesting less food, which means fewer calories. Feeling less hungry can also make it easier for dieters to stick to a healthy and reduced-calorie diet.

Hoodia is a Controversial Ingredient

It should be no surprise that one of the primary ingredients in the HoodiaTherm weight loss pill is hoodia gordonii.

Hoodia gordonii supposedly contains P57. This is a molecule that is believed to trick the brain into thinking that a person is already full. That being said, many proponents of hoodia claim that only products that contain pure hoodia gordonii contain the appetite-curbing powers of P57.

Regardless of whether or not this is true, it is important to note that this ingredient has received a tremendous amount of media attention as a controversial method for helping people to lose weight. The reason for the controversy is that there is no scientific evidence by a reputable medical study to show that hoodia actually improves weight loss or is even safe to take.

Questionable Manufacturing Practices

Some providers of HoodiaTherm claim that it is manufactured by the company United Healthcare Labs, which is registered in Spokane, WA. However, no contact information for that company was available through official websites or on the marketing materials, when this HoodiaTherm review was created.

That being said, other sellers of this Hoodia-based dietary supplement claim that its manufacturer is PrideTech Labs, which has a phone number that is hooked up exclusively to a voicemail service. If that company’s official site is visited, it lists itself as being registered in Pico Rivera, CA.

Due to the unreliable information posted across the internet about HoodiaTherm, it is difficult to review this weight loss pill with any accuracy. The ingredients in HoodiaTherm are not listed and an “official” site cannot be located since there are many different companies claiming to be its manufacturer.

For this reason, many would not recommend HoodiaTherm if only because of the unreliability of information and uncertainty.

Possible Side Effects

Although it is not officially known what adverse effects hoodia may cause, some research suggests that this herbal ingredient may be linked to:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Upset stomach
  • Rapid heart rate
  • High blood pressure
  • Abnormal skin sensations

It may also trick the brain into thinking that it has enough blood sugar. As this is the case, HoodiaTherm may not be an ideal choice for individuals who are taking diabetes medications.

Speak to Your Healthcare Provider about HoodiaTherm

Even if you believe that this weight loss pill is the right one for you, it is still extremely important that you first speak with your doctor and let him or her know of your intentions to try this product.

He or she will be able to better advise you regarding potential conflicts with any medical conditions that you may have or any drugs – prescription or over the counter – that you are already taking or that you will be taking at the same time as the HoodiaTherm.

Next, be very careful regarding where you order the drug. As there are so many different unreliable sources of information and sale of this drug online, you need to be especially cautious that you are using a website or store that is reputable and won’t simply take your money – and credit card information – and run.

It isn’t difficult to see places that are charging up to ten dollars for the free trial! Keep in mind that if only shipping is being charged, that is a perfectly valid way of offering a free trial, and you are not facing a scam.

*HoodiaTherm no longer appears to be available. This product may have been discontinued by the manufacturer or may now be sold under a different name with a different formula.

VIP Vitamins Hoodia Gordonii 2000

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VIP Vitamins Hoodia Gordonii 2000 ReviewVIP Vitamins Hoodia Gordonii 2000 is a dietary supplement from manufacturer VIP Vitamins. With its pure and potent ingredients it claims to support healthy weight management, all natural weight loss, increased energy levels and increased metabolism.

When this VIP Vitamins Hoodia Gordonii 2000 review was written, this product’s formula was composed of a single active ingredient: Hoodia Gordonii (powder), of which there was 2,000 mg per 2 sustained release tablets serving.

Additional non-active ingredients included magnesium stearate and stearic acid. The product also contained no sugar, yeast, or starch. It was also without artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

The suggested use is to take 1 tablet two times per day. For optimal results, users are instructed to take 1 tablet in the early morning with 8oz or water and 1 tablet in the early evening with 8oz of water, or as directed by their healthcare provider. You should not exceed more than 3 tablets daily and this diet pill is meant to be used in combination with a sensible diet and exercise program.

In terms of its ability to live up to its claims to aid with weight management and natural weight loss, unfortunately, there is no clinical proof that VIP Hoodia Gordonii 2000 or any other hoodia supplement can do this.

It has long been popularly believed that hoodia, particularly hoodia Gordonii, is an effective appetite suppressant. This cactus plant from the Kalahari desert in Africa is linked to the well-known claim that it has been used for centuries by San bushman in Africa to help them feel less hungry during long hunts when food was scarce.

Hoodia gordonii contains a chemical known as P57, which is believed to be the element within this herb that decreases feelings of hunger. However, research has yet to determine if the herb produces this effect in humans. Moreover, actual clinical studies conducted on hoodia, to this day, have been rather limited.

This means that very little is known about the effects this herb actually has on the human body and how safe it is to consume as a supplement to aid in the management of any health condition, weight loss included.

Since there is very little scientific evidence to back up claims made about this herb, the only conclusion is that there is no guarantee that taking VIP Vitamins Hoodia Gordonii 2000 will lead to appetite suppression or any other benefits that could help you with your weight loss efforts.

All this being said, if you would still like to see if VIP Vitamins Hoodia Gordonii 2000 can help you with your efforts (e.g. reduced calorie diet and regular exercise) to lose weight, it is highly recommended that you first speak with your doctor before taking this dietary supplement to make sure it is appropriate for you.


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No-Stim ReviewNo-Stim is marketed as a caffeine-free weight loss supplement from Addrena LLC. Designed for both men and women, it is non-stimulant fat burner meant to function as both a thermogenic and appetite suppressant to help with weight management. According to its Amazon sales page, it promises “slow, steady weight loss results over time in a safe way without stimulants.”

Taking dietary supplements that can help curb hunger can make it easier to stick to a calorie-controlled diet. As for one that encourages thermogenesis, this can be beneficial when combined with exercise to maximize fat burning potential.

That being said, the only way to really know if No-Stim can live up to claims is to take a look at the ingredients in this non-prescription weight loss formula.

When this No-Stim review was written, the ingredients included the following: Potassium Iodide, Hoodia Gordonii Stem Extract, Guggel-Oleo-Gum-Resin Extract, Saffron Bulb Extract, N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, Selenium.

Unfortunately, none of these ingredients have ever been clinically proven effective for weight loss. In spite of this, there are still claims that have been made about each of them, and this may be why some of these ingredients may sound familiar to you.

For instance, hoodia gordonii is believed to help suppress appetite and the common story is that it has been used by South African tribesmen for centuries during long hunting trips to help stave off hunger.

Potassium iodide, on the other hand, is needed by the body to maintain proper thyroid function. Insufficient amounts of this mineral can lower metabolism, which may contribute to weight gain.

Selenium and guggulsterone are both believed to help support metabolism, saffron is believed to decrease appetite, lower cravings and give the mood a boost, while N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine may help thyroid function.

Although these do sound like wonderful benefits, without solid clinical evidence to prove that they can indeed be advantageous for weight management, there is no guarantee that they will be of any real assistance to those who take them.

On the plus side, No-Stim is true to one of its claims. It is a non-caffeine and stimulant-free dietary supplement. This may make it an ideal choice for anyone who is highly sensitive to stimulants or who simply wants to avoid them, and is interested in trying an over-the-counter (OTC) weight management product.

That being said, keep in mind that even though No-Stim is available without prescription and is stimulant-free, it’s still wise to speak with your healthcare provider before taking this supplement for weight loss or any other health reason, to make sure it is the right choice for you.

The recommended dosage is to take 1 tablet before meals, two times per days (a maximum of 2 tablets in 24 hours).

Lipozin reviews


Lipozin reviews

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Lipozin is a nonprescription fat burning diet pill. Its manufacturers claim that its customers have a 95 percent success rate through its use and that it is one of the most effective products in its category. It also claims to include clinically proven ingredients to help its users to reach their weight loss goals.

In an unidentified study that is mentioned on the official website, it states that over 60 days, its users lost 10.95 pounds while the placebo group lost just over 5 pounds. No reference on the website could be found at the time of this review with regards to who conducted the study, how it was conducted, how many people were involved, or whether or not it was published in a peer reviewed medical journal. The fact that these details were not provide suggests that it is a study that was conducted by the company itself, or in a manner that would not be considered to be “proof” by the medical community.

At the time of this review, the ingredients listed on the website for the Lipozin formula were: Vitamin B12, chromium, green tea leaf extract, guarana, caffeine, hoodia gordonii, and cha de bugre. Anyone who has any experience in diet pills can see two primary issues, right away. The first is that this product contains several ingredients that are stimulants, and the second is that it contains several substances that are not proven in terms of their effectiveness in promoting weight loss or even in their safe use by humans.

Several of these ingredients, such as hoodia gordonii, have received a lot of hype and media attention, but that is the closest that they have ever come to a large, trusted, scientific study that would indicate that a specific dose in pill form will help to provide any degree of measurable weight loss.

The stimulants in Lipozin – green tea leaf extract, guarana, and caffeine – mean that many dieters will experience side effects through the use of these pills. Though smaller doses of these ingredients, or individual doses of them, may be used without problems by many people, the fact that these ones are combined increases the risk that they could result in symptoms such as shakiness and jitters, headaches, anxiety and nervousness, sleep struggles, diarrhea, and other discomforts.

It is highly recommended that anyone considering the use of this product should speak with a doctor, first.

Healthy Trim reviews

Healthy Trim

Healthy Trim reviews

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Healthy Trim is a weight loss supplement that is also known as Healthe Trim. It is available without a prescription and is manufactured by Healthy Life Sciences. It is marketed as being a supplement that is “all natural” and that is entirely safe for healthy individuals to use.

Among the ingredients that make up the long list in this formula include common substances such as green tea leaf extract, as well as others such as poria cocos, coix seed, and cassia seed, among others. The last ingredient on this list is hoodia gordonii, the greatly hyped and never proven appetite suppressant.

That the top ingredient on this list is green tea indicates that this product contains caffeine. Caffeine is a known appetite suppressant and energy booster, which can be helpful in encouraging weight loss, depending on the amount that it contains. This product could have enough of it to make a difference, considering that it is in the first ingredient, but as there are a large number of ingredients, this could also mean that even the top substance is only a small amount. Equally, if there is a high level of caffeine, this risks bringing about side effects such as shakiness, nervousness, headaches, and others.

The directions for Healthy Trim suggest that it be taken twice per day, skipping breakfast, and that lunch and dinner be the only meals, which are quite light. A tiny amount of food like that will indeed lead to temporary weight loss, but after a while, it will also cause the metabolism to slow down. This will make it increasingly difficult for a dieter to be able to lose the extra weight and, if the dieter returns to a healthy, calorie controlled diet, it could lead to a rapid weight gain because of the slowed metabolism. This suggests that adhering to the diet recommended along with this diet pill is neither practical nor healthy.

Anyone considering the use of this product should first consult with their doctors. Not only is there a risk that Healthy Trim could conflict with another medication or supplement being used by the dieter, but it could also cause issues with certain medical conditions.

At the time of this review, the official website was no longer selling any of its products directly, though there is evidence in other reviews that suggest that it had been selling its own products in previous months or years. Third party marketplaces and distributors are still selling these pills for varying prices.