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Rockstar R7 Thermogenic Hyper-Metabolizer

Rockstar R7 Thermogenic Hyper-Metabolizer is an over the counter dietary supplement that promises its users that it will speed up their metabolism for faster fat burning.  This is a highly common claim among diet pill manufacturers, so it’s up to customers to be savvy about what ingredients can do, whether or not they are safe and if they are worth the money.

What Does Rockstar R7 Thermogenic Hyper-Metabolizer Promise?

The claims made about Rockstar R7 Thermogenic Hyper-Metabolizer on the official brand’s website is that it will provide the body with thermogenic ingredients.  Thermogenics are a type of substance that will increase the body’s thermogenesis levels.  Thermogenesis is the process used in the body for producing heat.  It’s what helps your body to maintain a steady body heat throughout the day, it’s behind your raised temperature after a workout, it is what leads to a fever when you’re sick, and it’s what makes you feel hotter after you eat spicy foods.

As you can see, thermogenesis is a very natural process.  What Rockstar R7 Thermogenic Hyper-Metabolizer and other diet pills in this category try to do is to boost the process to raise the body temperature just slightly.  The reason that is beneficial is that in order to produce heat, the body needs to burn a fuel.  When used properly, that fuel can be your body’s stored body fat or the calories you’ve eaten in your recent meals and snacks.

What Are the Ingredients?

To understand whether or not you should trust the claims Rockstar R7 Thermogenic Hyper-Metabolizer makes about itself, it’s a good idea to have a closer look at the ingredients in its formula.  These will help you to know whether it contains substances that have been shown to produce the reactions it promises.  It will also help you to see if you should expect potential side effects or if there are safety issues you should know about.

At the time this Rockstar R7 Thermogenic Hyper-Metabolizer review was written, the ingredients in its formula were listed on the package as:

  • Green coffee bean
  • Conjugated linoleic acid
  • Hoodia
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Cayenne pepper
  • Caffeine anhydrous
  • Garcinia cambogia
  • Raspberry ketones
  • African mango
  • Rhodiola root
  • Guarana
  • White kidney bean
  • Turmeric
  • 5-HTP
  • Griffonia simplicifolia
  • L-arginine
  • Papaya leaf

At first glance, it’s very easy to see that the people who formulated Rockstar R7 Thermogenic Hyper-Metabolizer had done their homework in ensuring that virtually every hyped diet pill ingredient made it onto this list.  What isn’t as clear is why so many of these substances were chosen and why they were all combined in the way they were.  The official website for this product doesn’t cite any published research into these ingredients.

While some have been researched, the majority of the studies are considered to be preliminary. Indeed, some are seen as thermogenesis promoting. However, with a list this long, it is unclear as to how there would be enough of many of these ingredients contained within these pills to provide the same effects shown in the preliminary research available. Moreover, many of these ingredients have not been researched in combination with each other. It is therefore exceptionally important to speak with your doctor before taking these pills.

Shape Patch Slimming Patches review

Shape Patch Slimming Patches

Shape Patch Slimming Patches review

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Although patches were once quite rare in the weight loss industry, they are becoming much more commonplace recently, but Shape Patch Slimming Patches added themselves to this category back in 1992, well before this type of product was mainstream. The promise behind this product is that it will help a dieter to lose weight with less effort, and that it will be accomplished without the need for swallowing pills. The manufacturer of this specific product is calling it an all natural alternative method of weight loss as well as a method of keeping the weight off, through the suppression of hunger pangs.

The manufacturers claim that the ingredients – which it states are all natural – when combined to become the Shape Patch Slimming Patches formula, function as a type of stimulant to the thyroid gland, which allows the user to experience an energy boost, while the metabolic rate also rises and the appetite shrinks. Because of this, it claims that this product will help a dieter to eat less and burn more calories, at the same time. In fact, it promises that in the first half month of use, the user will experience between 4 and 8 pounds of weight loss.

Supposedly, this product stands out from other slimming patches because of the exclusive herbal extraction process that allows the properties of each ingredient to remain intact. That said, when looking at the ingredients that make up the formula, it is likely that it really wouldn’t matter what technique was used for obtaining the extracts, it likely wouldn’t be any more effective. The reason is that the ingredients are not scientifically proven and are based more on weight loss fads than any actual human evidence that they assist in losing weight. Moreover, there is no evidence that the patch will allow this product to be transported to any part of the body in which it would be effective, even if the formula was perfect.

The ingredients listed in Shape Patch Slimming Patches are: hoodia, garcinia cambogia, and bladderwrack. A one month supply of this product was $49.95 plus shipping at the time that this review was written. Though this is competitive with other products that contain similar ingredients, there is no more evidence that this one would work when compared to the other ones.

It is highly unlikely that, upon consulting a doctor, a recommendation would be made for the use of this product.