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BmiSmart I-Remove

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BmiSmart I-Remove ReviewBmiSmart I-Remove is an over the counter weight loss product made to provide dieters with support in reaching their weight loss goals. It is made of all natural ingredients and claims to use only substances that have been farmed in an environmentally conscious way.

The ingredients are all sourced from plants farmed in Asia and Europe, says the brand’s official website. Moreover, all the suppliers use farming methods that are environmentally conscious. The site’s explanation doesn’t extend any further to show what exactly that means, but it is certainly something that would appeal to many consumers. The various ingredients are obtained with leaves, fruits, roots and seeds from plants that are “grown in pristine regions” worldwide. Again, it does not provide any specific detail regarding what that means, though they do indicate that every product undergoes rigorous safety and efficacy testing.

The website indicates that by taking this diet pill, a dieter could lose up to three times the amount of weight that they would have lost while unassisted. It is designed to function as a fat binder, which means that it is supposed to stop the body from being able to absorb the total amount of dietary fat the user consumes in his or her meals.

The product’s main ingredient is Litramine, which is a proprietary ingredient that combines prickly pear cactus with acacia. The combination produces a fiber complex that is meant to bind with dietary fat so that the molecule becomes too large for the body to absorb it. The amount of fat not absorbed by the body is then sent out with the rest of the body waste. The website claims that this product block up to 28.39 percent of fat from being absorbed. That said, it doesn’t appear to have any scientific proof that its use actually leads to weight loss in humans. A large study published in a peer reviewed medical journal that would link the use of Litramine with meaningful weight loss could not be found at the time this review was written.

Interestingly, the ingredients in BmiSmart I-Remove are listed as being opuntia ficus-indica (prickly pear) leaf extract and acacia group-gum as well as gamma-cyclodextrin. The natural ingredients in this product are clearly from the gum of a plant and the leaf of a plant. It is unclear as to why the marketing for this product also suggests that it uses fruit, roots and seeds, when it does not.