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Lotuslite Plus review

Lotuslite Plus

Lotuslite Plus review

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Weight Loss Effects
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Increases Energy
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Lotuslite Plus is a weight loss supplement that is manufactured by a company called Lotuslite LLC. At the time of this review, a complete website could be found in addition to a Facebook page and links to the places where the products can be purchased.

It has been labeled on those sites at being the “natural skinny pill”. The story that they have shared about Lotuslite Plus is that the product was created by individuals who had previously tried other nonprescription products and simply were not satisfied with what they had to offer. This product gave them everything that they found was lacking in those other diet pills. The website’s homepage features a picture of a number of average looking, attractive women who, the visitor can assume, make up the people who are behind the product.

Whether or not this is true, and whether Lotuslite Plus can actually safely help a dieter to lose weight requires further investigation into its formula and the ingredients that make it up. Among the more positive notes that can be made about these diet pills is that they are sold along with the support of the website, which provides a considerable amount of information in addition to resources such as a meal planner.

These diet pills are supposed to provide metabolism and energy boosting along with appetite suppression. The claim is that these benefits are produced by the following ingredients: lotus leaf, green tea, daikon seeds, and fu ling.

Lotus leaf is a plant that has undergone some clinical studies that have suggested that it does, indeed, provide some metabolic rate boosting while it also helps with breaking down fats while blocking new fats from being formed during digestion.

Green tea has also had scientific studies show that it is beneficial in helping with weight loss. This requires a very high dose of green tea every day in order to produce measurable results. At the time of this review, it could not be determined whether this product contained these high amounts of the substance. If so, it is known to contain enough caffeine to help to increase fat burning.

Daikon is a form of Chinese radish which helps in digestion but does not help with weight loss. At best, it can help to relieve bloating.

Fu ling is a diuretic that flushes fluids from the tissues. This is not considered to be a safe form of weight loss as it does not remove fat, only water, and places the dieter at risk of dehydration for only a few days’ worth of potential mild slimming.