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Maxislim Day review

Maxislim Day

Maxislim Day review

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Maxislim Day is a nonprescription diet pill that is designed to help dieters to be able to lose weight and achieve easier weight maintenance. Although the official webpage for the product on the manufacturer’s website never specifically says that it is formulated for women, the images on the bottle make it clear that the female market is their target group. That manufacturer, a company called Health Arena, also claims that this product’s formula helps to improve fat burning, suppresses the appetite, and boosts the metabolism.

This is a common claim, but whether or not it actually lives up to it will help to make it easier to understand whether this product is worth its low price.

It should be recognized that Maxislim Day is only one of a number of weight loss products produced and sold by Health Arena, and it is one of a line of different products being sold under the Maxislim brand name. The formula was recently created to remove 5-HTP and caffeine, which are both substances that have considerable scientific evidence to support their weight loss benefits, and replace them with citrus aurantium, acai berry and chili powder.

This could be considered to be a rather confusing move by the company considering that citrus aurantium is a substance that contains synephrine, and the FDA has released a warning cautioning consumers against the use of anything that contains that substance. The reason is that it has been linked to a number of strong side effects that could be uncomfortable for some dieters and that could be downright dangerous for people who have certain health conditions. Moreover the next ingredient that was brought in, acai berry, is known to be associated with some of the largest weight loss product scams in the history of the industry as there is absolutely nothing about that ingredient that has ever been scientifically or clinically linked to speeding up weight loss. That said, the chili powder does contain capsicum, which can help to produce a thermogenic reaction in the body and speed up fat burning provided that its use is combined with cardio exercise.

The rest of the active ingredients that make up Maxislim Day include L-tyrosine powder, green tea extract, conjugated linoleic acid powder (CLA), guarana seed extract, black pepper extract, vitamin B6, cayenne powder, and chromium.

It should be recognized that guarana seed extract is a powerful stimulant and green tea extract also contains a stimulant (caffeine). This, particularly combined with the citrus aurantium, could lead to some unwanted side effects such as trembling, nervousness, sleeplessness, nausea, and others.