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Colovox review


Colovox review

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Colovox is a nonprescription weight loss supplement that is designed to help dieters to be able to eliminate “toxic waste” from their bodies in order to improve the effectiveness and function of their digestive systems. Colovox is actually half of a two product system, the other half being Puravox, which is meant to provide the body with replenishment once it has been cleansed with the first half.

This diet supplement is a product that has been made and marketed by Nutripharm LLC, which is a very large company that sells many of this type of product in the weight loss and wellness markets. That company works with the Blackfire Global payment processor.

The first thing that should be noted is that this product is a detoxing/cleansing supplement. This is important because the medical community, as a whole, has rejected this practice and does not recommend it for the vast majority of people. This is because while there has never been any proof that the practice actually makes a difference to removing “toxins” in the body above and beyond the natural process of waste elimination, it also places the organs under a considerable amount of stress and strain. Therefore, while the benefits have not been proven, the drawbacks and potential risks have been.

According to the official website for the product, at the time that this review was written, its ingredients included: Fibersol-2® (which is misspelled as “Fiberson-2®” on the “Ingredients” page of the website), Linum Life®, psyllium, ViscoFiber®, Litesse®, Corowise®, buckwheat fiber, apple pectin, and Vitaberry™. These ingredients appear to be all natural, including those that have registered trademarks.

It is clear that this product is, essentially, a laxative. While the idea is that this will help to push out any built up waste within the body, thereby improving digestion and reducing the feeling of bloating, that same result can be achieved by increasing the amount of fiber in a person’s diet. That method is not only more effective over the long term, but it also helps to reduce cholesterol levels and it doesn’t strain the systems of the body like a detox pill can. The body is naturally designed to eliminate waste. By providing it with adequate water and fiber, it will do that without any buildups of toxins that must be removed by a pill.

Before starting the use of Colovox or any other product of this nature, it is a very good idea to speak with a doctor, as this practice is not safe for dieters who have certain common medical conditions.