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Proshape RX review

Proshape RX

Proshape RX review

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Weight Loss Effects
Suppresses Appetite
Increases Energy
Value for Money
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Proshape RX is among the dozens, if not hundreds of nonprescription weight loss pills that are based on the greatly hyped ingredient, hoodia gordonii. This is among the ingredients that has grown in popularity the most quickly among all diet pill substances, which is surprising, in itself due to the great competition in this industry, but it is also shocking because this ingredient does not have any clinical evidence to support claims that it helps with weight loss or that it is even safe for human use.

The primary basis for the claims that Proshape RX and other over the counter diet supplements make regarding this ingredient is from its traditional use by bushmen in South Africa who used it to keep hunger down when they were headed out on long hunting trips and into the desert.

Other ingredients in Proshape RX include chitosan, white kidney bean, beet root, white willow bark, L-methionine, fenugreek, and green tea leaf. This list does not generate any greater confidence in an experienced shopper for diet pills. The reason is that there are a number of extremely common ingredients in this product and the majority of them are not proven to provide any weight loss benefit.

White kidney bean, for example, is often found in products that claim to suppress the body’s ability to absorb carbohydrates. However, this ingredient has never been shown to have this effect in any reputable medical studies. The only thing that this substance could provide is some fiber, which – in large quantities – help to shrink the appetite, but there is no indication that there is enough fiber in this product to make a difference.

White willow bark should be used with great care as it has several properties that are similar to aspirin and could therefore be unsafe for people with a number of different types of medical conditions. Moreover, it is known to conflict with many medications as well as other supplements and over the counter pills.

The official Proshape RX website claims that the use of this product will help to achieve safe and rapid weight loss and that the pounds will start to come away within two to three weeks from having started the use of the product. It is meant to be taken three times per day, with one pill being swallowed before every meal. According to the official website, it can be ordered directly from the site, or through a telephone number provided on the website.