SlimZil Reviews


SlimZil Reviews

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SlimZil is a weight loss pill that is manufactured by Life Smart Labs. That company is also the manufacturer of a number of other diet supplements as well as energy boosters and male and female enhancement products.

Many of the products on the Life Smart Labs list are based on hoodia or acai, and SlimZil is certainly no exception to that rule. Its ingredients are not fully listed on the website. Instead, it simply states that it is a “high potency” product that contains “Acai, Hoodia, Green Tea, and more.” This doesn’t provide the dieter with very much information, except that many of the ingredients in its formula are based more on hype than having been scientifically proven to reach weight loss goals.

Acai berry was the center of a massively overhyped scam in which a fruit from the Amazon region was suddenly labeled as a dieting miracle – even though absolutely no clinical evidence suggested that it promoted weight loss in any way. It didn’t take long for research to indicate that while this is a very healthy food that is quite high in antioxidants, it provided no greater weight loss benefit to eating any other source of antioxidants, such as blueberries – essentially, nothing at all.

Hoodia is a cactus like plant from Africa which has been involved in a similar type of hype. Regardless of the fact that the best scientific research has been conflicting, and there have not been any safety or effectiveness studies performed on humans – particularly in the supplement form as opposed to eating the plant, itself – many companies promise that it is a miracle ingredient for suppressing the appetite. Never has it been linked with actual weight loss.

Green tea has been shown to boost calorie burning when taken in exceptionally high quantities, but as SlimZil’s full ingredients list and substance quantities have not been revealed, it is impossible to know whether enough has been used for any impact at all.

As the full ingredients list has not been provided and the information about the product on the official website is exceptionally minimal, and as the ingredients that are identified are based on hype, not science, it is likely a better idea to look elsewhere for a safe and effective weight loss solution. If you are considering this product, it is highly recommended that you speak with your doctor, first, as the odds are that he or she will try to talk you out of it.

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