Slimsticks review


Slimsticks review

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Slimsticks is an over the counter appetite suppressant and diet supplement that was developed by a company called Inovate Health Ltd. That company formulated this product in order to help dieters to be able to achieve a greater feeling of fullness that will last over a longer span of time, in order to make it easier for them to avoid overeating.

This product is meant to trick the brain into thinking that a dieter has eaten more than he or she actually has. The idea behind this effect is to make it easier for a dieter to stick to an eating strategy that involves the consumption of fewer calories, but without suffering from feelings of hunger as a result of those food choices. If the product works as the manufacturer claims, then it will help the user to feel full more quickly from a smaller amount of food, and then to maintain that feeling of being satisfied by his or her meals for longer.

The official website for Slimsticks says that a user will be able to “eat less”, “reduce your weight,” and “manage your weight.” The ingredients are supposed to achieve this by expanding in the stomach, without actually being digested. This makes it seem as though the stomach is fuller than it actually is because it may contain a substance, but that substance is not digestible.

The Slimsticks come in the form of a packet that needs to be mixed with water until it is dissolved. The user can then drink the formula, which would likely be an appealing method for taking this product for people who struggle to be able to swallow a pill. These drinks are supposed to be consumed three times every day – one before each meal. There are 40 calories in every packet, and they are currently available in three flavors: vanilla, strawberry, and double malt.

The primary active ingredients within the Slimsticks formula are konjac (also known as glucomannan) and oat and palm oils. It is the konjac that is the substance behind the claims of expansion in the stomach to provide a feeling of fullness.

While the official website does mention studies that would support the use of konjac for appetite suppression, there has yet to be any solid evidence that links the use of the ingredient with actually losing weight. Therefore, while it may expand in the stomach, it has yet to be proven effective in decreasing a dieter’s daily caloric intake to the point that he or she would actually lose weight.

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