Plexus 96

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Plexus 96 ReviewPlexus 96 is an over the counter weight loss supplement sold in the form of a meal replacement product. The idea behind this type of product is to give dieters a way to get the nutrition they require in order to remain healthy, while still helping them to stay within their daily calorie limit. Many people who struggle with overeating often find this kind of weight loss product to be appealing.

The brand behind this product, Plexus Worldwide, has a Plexus 96 page on its official website. It uses this page to provide dieters with a list of the many benefits it claims to provide. Among those benefits include: a full meal that provides only 100 calories, hunger control assistance and 15 grams of whey protein isolate and concentrate. This is supposed to help keep up energy levels, maintain steady blood sugar levels within the healthy range, support lean muscle and provide a supplementation of 20 different vitamins and minerals.

Because this product is fast and simple to prepare and consume, it makes it easy for people to grab it on the go and drink it quickly. For busy people who simply don’t have time for meals, this can make the difference between having a low calorie, nutritious option or either skipping the meal altogether or resorting to fast food. Plexus 96 is also gluten free, making it appropriate for people with celiac’s disease and other gluten intolerances.

This product is consumed as a shake, but it is sold in powder form. It is purchased in pre-measured packets. This means that when it comes time to have one, there is no measuring involved. You just need to mix the powder into some cold milk or water. It should be noted that if milk is selected as the liquid into which the powder is mixed, the calories and nutrition will be higher than what is printed on the package label for this product alone.

The coldness of the liquid used is important to ensure that the desired consistency will be achieved. The colder the liquid, the thicker it will be. In fact, if a very thick shake is the goal, the directions recommend that the user mixes a couple of ice cubes in with the drink to make it colder before blending.

While this may be helpful over the short term as a dieter works to keep calories under control, most meal replacement products are not considered to be a long term weight loss strategy and should be used in conjunction with developing the right healthy eating habits in order to avoid rebounding weight.

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