PhenRx Topical Patches

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PhenRx Topical Patches Review

PhenRX Topical Patches are a type of weight loss supplement that is sold in an alternative form to traditional pills. Patches gained a great deal of momentum through the popularity of smoking cessation patches, though the products sold in the weight loss category don’t have a very good reputation to go with them.

This is not necessarily to say that PhenRX Topical Patches wouldn’t work. It just means that they don’t happen to be in a sector of the dieting industry that is known for effectiveness.

According to the official webpage for this product on the manufacturer’s website, these patches need to be replaced only once per day in order to obtain all the necessary ingredients in the perfect balance. The manufacturer of this product, Nextgen Biolabs Inc., also offers a 100 percent money back guarantee to people who are interested in trying the product. This guarantee is for 30 days from the date of purchase (not the date of receipt) and is meant to be an unconditional, no questions asked guarantee.

The website specifically states that there are no hidden fees or recurring charges associated with this guarantee. It should also be noted that the full price of the product is returned, minus the cost of shipping, which means that any shipping paid to order the product and to return it are out of the customer’s pocket.

The marketing for this product calls this product one of the “best selling topical weight loss patch systems available in 2016.” That said, the statement doesn’t indicate where the claim came from, so this could just mean that it is among the company’s best sellers and not necessarily one of the top selling products within this category of the marketplace as a whole. It is unclear and data is not cited to add clarity.

The PhenRX Topical Patches are designed to provide users with an all-natural formula based on herbs and extracts for suppressing the appetite, boosting energy levels and the metabolic rate, and generating an overall sensation of wellbeing. It also claims to boost thyroid activity, “detox and cleanse” the body, provide “all day energy” (which is worrisome as it is supposed to be a 24 hour dose and there don’t appear to be directions as to what time of day is appropriate for application), and generate “dramatic weight loss quickly.”

At no point are studies cited to indicate that the company has found proof that the ingredients are linked to safety let alone the fast weight loss that it claims.

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