Nuratrim review


Nuratrim review

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Nuratrim is a diet supplement that is marketed by Bauer Nutrition – a large and well reputed company – as being an appetite suppressant as well as a fat burner. Bauer also manufactures this product and claims that it is completely natural, offering dieters enhanced thermogenesis to help them to lose weight with greater speed and ease.

According to the official webpage for the product on the manufacturer’s website, the formula is “unique” and it provides a complete level of support for dropping excess pounds.

The thermogenesis to which the marketing refers has to do with the body’s production of heat. This is a natural process that helps to ensure that you are neither too warm nor too cool. In order to produce heat, the body burns a certain number of the calories from your foods, or the fat stored on your body. When a diet pill that boosts thermogenesis is taken, this increases the body temperature and, therefore, raises the number of calories and fats that are burned off as the fuel for that heat. While the benefits of that action are nominal when the person is idle, when combined with activity such as a cardio workout, this can help to boost the results of that exercise.

The webpage also indicates that Nuratrim will help to increase the energy levels of the user, while reducing the appetite and calorie absorption, and increasing the metabolism.

At the time that this review was written, the ingredients listed in the Nuratrim formula were: green coffee extract, capsicum extract, liquorice extract, glucomannan konjac extract and raspberry ketone. One of those ingredients, the glucomannan konjac extract, was actually misspelled on the official website, which could suggest a carelessness on the part of the manufacturer. However, these mistakes do happen, so it may not actually be a reflection of what Bauer thinks of its product.

What is clear when looking at this list, is that none of these ingredients has been extensively tested on humans, and none would be considered to be proven by the medical community. There have been some preliminary studies on some of those substances, but not enough that anything could be considered to be conclusive.

While the official webpage does claim that some research has suggested that a user of these ingredients can lower their BMI and body fat levels, Bauer didn’t take the additional step to cite the study to which it was referring, so it would be difficult to take that claim seriously.

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