What Should You Know About the Most Prescribed Obesity Medications

What Are the Most Prescribed Obesity MedicationsWith weight loss being one of the biggest struggles many of us face throughout the United States, the most prescribed obesity medications are being used by millions of Americans every day. The reason is that many people find the challenge to overcome their obesity to be too great to be able to manage alone.

Understanding the Most Prescribed Obesity Medications

After all, when you take into consideration what is involved in weight loss – particularly when you have a great deal of excess fat to burn – the goal can easily feel overwhelming. Losing weight takes aim at some of our very core behaviors, causing us to have to change the areas we enjoy and in which we feel comfortable. This can be challenging in the short term, let alone the long term. It is in these areas that the most prescribed obesity medications often play a very important role.

Among the most recognizable among the most prescribed obesity medications are likely Phentermine or Adipex and Orlistat (Xenical). In order to be able to receive a prescription for one of these or the other popular diet drugs, you will need to speak with a licensed medical doctor. That said, even if you do want the medication and you talk to a doctor, this doesn’t automatically mean you will receive a prescription for it.

Who Are These Drugs Meant For?

These prescription drugs are meant specifically for individuals who are obese and whose extra body fat is placing their health at risk. They are meant to help individuals who are willing to work hard to make the necessary changes in their lives, but who have been unsuccessful so far and need some assistance in building these new habits.

It’s important to keep in mind that the drugs will not do the job for you. If you make no changes to your lifestyle and pop these pills, you will be doing nothing but throwing money down the drain as you place yourself at unnecessary risk of side effects and addiction. On the other hand, if you use these medications along with a healthy eating strategy and regular exercise, you may find that it provides the necessary advantage to keep up the efforts and obtain the results you desire.

At the same time, many dieters also choose to discuss non-prescription alternatives with their doctors before they try filling a prescription. In this way, they can discover if it is possible to obtain the results they want without having to risk unwanted side effects or addiction.

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