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Mega Hoodia is a weight loss pill manufactured by Vipro Lifescience. The official website mentioned the product and that it is designed to be an ayurvedic and herbal slimming product, but that is essentially the extent of the information that could be found at the time that this review was written. Therefore, the information in this review was gleaned from third party websites selling the product and other professional and consumer reviews. 

Hoodia Gordonii is the Only Active Ingredient in Mega Hoodia

As far as could be found, it looks as though Mega Hoodia’s only active ingredient is 500 mg of hoodia gordonii. This is a cactus like plant from South Africa that has been a part of one of the most widely hyped weight loss crazes in North America and other parts of the world.

This hype caused a tremendous wave of products based on this ingredient (or versions of it) to hit the shelves. Unfortunately, there was far more enthusiasm than there was evidence that the ingredient actually worked.

The basis for the popularity of the main ingredient in Mega Hoodia was that it had traditionally been used by bush people in the area local to where it grows naturally. As the story goes, it was used in order to help to suppress the appetite at times when food was scarce, and by hunters who would be away for long periods of time and could not return to their homes for food while they were on their expeditions.

How Does Hoodia Work? 

It is believed that the active ingredient in Hoodia is the appetite-suppressing molecule, P57, or oxypregnane steroidal glycoside P57AS3. In very few clinical studies, P57 has been researched to determine its potential as an anti-obesity drug.

The theory is that P57 acts on the brain in a manner that is similar to glucose, tricking the brain into thinking that the stomach is full when it is empty, lowering interest in food and delaying the time before hunger can set in. Some research suggests that it may work at the level of the hypothalamus to curb hunger signals.

That being said, research on hoodia’s effects in humans is extremely limited and many more clinical trials are required to determine this ingredient’s possible efficacy and safety for weight loss. 

Unproven Appetite Suppressing Effects

So far, science has been showing that dieters taking products based on hoodia do not lose any more weight than they would without it. This is not specific to Mega Hoodia, but as the only active ingredient in that product is hoodia, it likely does apply.

Although these announcements caused many products based on hoodia to fail, Mega Hoodia has managed to hang in there. This may be because it contains a great deal more of the ingredient than most of its competition. The average supplement with hoodia contains about 250 mg. Clearly, Mega Hoodia contains double that average amount in each serving, which is two pills.

The manufacturer also stands out in that it now claims to have a CITES certificate for the hoodia that they import for the product. This is not a common achievement in hoodia products as it is an expensive process and it does require some effort to do it legitimately. Equally, its certification does not mean that it is effective. The FDA has released a warning about hoodia as its safety and effectiveness have not been properly tested in humans.


Update October 2019 – Mega Hoodia by Vipro Lifescience no longer appears to be available for purchase online. Although the Vipro Lifescience website still exits, the site dose not seem to sell its products.  That being said, there is another version of Mega Hoodia available, but it is sold by a different manufacturer, NOW Foods. It also contains 500 mg of hoodia gordonii and it may be a good alternative, if you were hoping to try the Vipro Lifescience product, as it can currently be bought online. However, remember that it is always in your best interest to discuss your diet pill options with your doctor.

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