Lipozin reviews


Lipozin reviews

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Lipozin is a nonprescription fat burning diet pill. Its manufacturers claim that its customers have a 95 percent success rate through its use and that it is one of the most effective products in its category. It also claims to include clinically proven ingredients to help its users to reach their weight loss goals.

In an unidentified study that is mentioned on the official website, it states that over 60 days, its users lost 10.95 pounds while the placebo group lost just over 5 pounds. No reference on the website could be found at the time of this review with regards to who conducted the study, how it was conducted, how many people were involved, or whether or not it was published in a peer reviewed medical journal. The fact that these details were not provide suggests that it is a study that was conducted by the company itself, or in a manner that would not be considered to be “proof” by the medical community.

At the time of this review, the ingredients listed on the website for the Lipozin formula were: Vitamin B12, chromium, green tea leaf extract, guarana, caffeine, hoodia gordonii, and cha de bugre. Anyone who has any experience in diet pills can see two primary issues, right away. The first is that this product contains several ingredients that are stimulants, and the second is that it contains several substances that are not proven in terms of their effectiveness in promoting weight loss or even in their safe use by humans.

Several of these ingredients, such as hoodia gordonii, have received a lot of hype and media attention, but that is the closest that they have ever come to a large, trusted, scientific study that would indicate that a specific dose in pill form will help to provide any degree of measurable weight loss.

The stimulants in Lipozin – green tea leaf extract, guarana, and caffeine – mean that many dieters will experience side effects through the use of these pills. Though smaller doses of these ingredients, or individual doses of them, may be used without problems by many people, the fact that these ones are combined increases the risk that they could result in symptoms such as shakiness and jitters, headaches, anxiety and nervousness, sleep struggles, diarrhea, and other discomforts.

It is highly recommended that anyone considering the use of this product should speak with a doctor, first.

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