Ideal Protein’s Ideal Complete

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Ideal Protein’s Ideal Complete ReviewIdeal Protein’s Ideal Complete is a meal replacement product designed to be used on its own or as a part of the broader Ideal Protein weight loss system. This is a part of a sizeable category of products that use meal replacement products to ensure that dieters reduce their daily calorie intake.

To use this option to its fullest potential, dieters must choose several products along with Ideal Complete and must use the website, group meetings and solo dieting coach sessions to obtain a “smarter eating education.” In this way, they will be controlling their calories as they learn, and once they’re done learning, they will know how to reduce their daily calories without needing to entirely rely on the meal replacements.

Ideal Protein’s Ideal Complete comes in three possible drink flavors or a bar. The flavors of the drink are chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. The bar is a toffee and pretzel flavor. These products are meant to be used to replace whole food meals in order to ensure that a dieter keeps within a certain daily calorie range.

Unfortunately, these products are quite expensive and there is next to no information provided about them on the official website. The site is attractively designed and features large images of appealing-looking products. However, aside from brief statements such as “Spoil yourself with our sumptuous strawberry flavoured meal replacement drink,” and pointing out that the product is gluten-free, no other information is provided about them.

At the time of the writing of this review, no list of ingredients could be located on the official website. This makes it very difficult for dieters to be able to make an educated decision about whether or not they would like to choose the Ideal Complete product line for their own weight loss needs.

It is also important to note that if these products are used as a part of the program, the clinics are known to be extremely strict. In fact, there are several reports online from customers who have said that they were discharged from the programs after having admitted that they cheated on the rules. The program does not accept returns and will not issue refunds.

Considering the high cost, the lack of information provided to the dieter and the fact that it is extremely strict – and strict diets have a lower long-term success rate – it is unlikely that this product or program would be recommended by most doctors.

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