Hoodia Mint

Hoodia Mint

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Hoodia Mint is a weight loss supplement that contains hoodia and xylitol, which is designed to give the product a fresh and minty flavor. Each of the tablets provides the user with a serving of 1000 mg of hoodia, which is a greatly hyped substance that is claimed to help to suppress the appetite, despite the fact that supplements containing this ingredient have never been successfully proven in reputable scientific study to accomplish this goal, nor have they been tested on humans for safe use.

The story behind the popularity of hoodia comes from the history of its use among the Bushmen of the Kalahari desert in Africa. They would use the cactus like plant to help stave off hunger in times of famine or when heading off on long hunting trips in which they could not return home to eat. This traditional use of the substance has led many diet product manufacturers to claim that the extracts from this plant will help dieters to reduce their hunger and therefore lose weight more easily. However, it has never been shown that the processed version of the plant can help to reduce the appetite, and clinical research on humans have not proven it safe. At the moment, hoodia appears to be more hype than substance.

Xylitol is a common form of sweetener that helps to give the product a minty taste along with the peppermint and vanilla flavorings that it contains. None of those substances are linked with weight loss, but are meant only to make sure that the product has a pleasing taste.

What makes this product different from other hoodia based supplements on the market is that this tablet can be chewed, sucked on, or swallowed whole. This may be very appealing to dieters who struggle to be able to swallow pills. The recommended dosage of this product is three tablets on a daily basis. Every package of Hoodia Mint contains 21 tablets. Therefore, if taken according to the directions, it provides enough of the product for one week of use.

Another unique element to this product is the minty taste. This not only makes it more palatable, but it also helps to combat what they have labeled as “dieters breath”, which can occur when bacteria accumulates in the mouth because fewer calories are being consumed.

Overall, the actual claims – other than breath improvements – have not been medically proven.

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