Healthy Trim reviews

Healthy Trim

Healthy Trim reviews

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Healthy Trim is a weight loss supplement that is also known as Healthe Trim. It is available without a prescription and is manufactured by Healthy Life Sciences. It is marketed as being a supplement that is “all natural” and that is entirely safe for healthy individuals to use.

Among the ingredients that make up the long list in this formula include common substances such as green tea leaf extract, as well as others such as poria cocos, coix seed, and cassia seed, among others. The last ingredient on this list is hoodia gordonii, the greatly hyped and never proven appetite suppressant.

That the top ingredient on this list is green tea indicates that this product contains caffeine. Caffeine is a known appetite suppressant and energy booster, which can be helpful in encouraging weight loss, depending on the amount that it contains. This product could have enough of it to make a difference, considering that it is in the first ingredient, but as there are a large number of ingredients, this could also mean that even the top substance is only a small amount. Equally, if there is a high level of caffeine, this risks bringing about side effects such as shakiness, nervousness, headaches, and others.

The directions for Healthy Trim suggest that it be taken twice per day, skipping breakfast, and that lunch and dinner be the only meals, which are quite light. A tiny amount of food like that will indeed lead to temporary weight loss, but after a while, it will also cause the metabolism to slow down. This will make it increasingly difficult for a dieter to be able to lose the extra weight and, if the dieter returns to a healthy, calorie controlled diet, it could lead to a rapid weight gain because of the slowed metabolism. This suggests that adhering to the diet recommended along with this diet pill is neither practical nor healthy.

Anyone considering the use of this product should first consult with their doctors. Not only is there a risk that Healthy Trim could conflict with another medication or supplement being used by the dieter, but it could also cause issues with certain medical conditions.

At the time of this review, the official website was no longer selling any of its products directly, though there is evidence in other reviews that suggest that it had been selling its own products in previous months or years. Third party marketplaces and distributors are still selling these pills for varying prices.

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