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Fentalena ReviewFentalena is an over the counter weight loss supplement that markets itself exclusively to women. It targets women who not only want to lose weight, but who have struggled to do so in the past and feel as though they are the only ones who can’t seem to make their diets work. It quite specifically speaks to women who are frustrated and feel as though they’ve run out of options that can work for them.

This product claims to be an appetite suppressant as well as a fat burner through thermogenesis and an energy booster. These are very common claims and they are typically found together in products that contain stimulants. The reason is that many stimulants can produce all three of these effects in the body. Still, the idea is to know whether or not this product has the right types of ingredients and the right quantity of stimulants to make sure that there is a chance it can help produce fat loss without leading to severe unpleasant side effects.

The ingredients in the Fentalena formula make up the Fentalena Proprietary Blend. Its ingredients include: Garcinia Cambogia Extract, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Raspberry Ketones, Green Tea Leaf, Yohimbe Bark Extract, Acai Fruit Extract, Goji Fruit Extract, Pomegranate Fruit Extract, Noni Fruit Extract, Cinnamon Twig, Galangal Rhizome, Glucuronloactone, Naringin, Hoodia godonii extract, Guggulsterones E & Z. The pill also contains Thiamne, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Folate, Vitamin B12, and Pantothenic Acid.

When compared to the ingredients lists on many high quality product, this one easily contains three to four times the number of substances. Though it’s hardly a record breaker, it contains a striking number of ingredients, which should cause many dieters to wonder if there is enough of each substance to actually produce a desired effect.

Also noticeable is that while many of these ingredients are quite popular in over the counter weight loss substances, very few of them have a substantial body of medical research to support their use and none of them would be considered as proven by the medical community.

While this doesn’t mean that the ingredients are necessarily ineffective, it does suggest that the manufacturer does not have the information necessary to chose the perfect amount of an ingredient to ensure maximum benefit with the lowest risk of side effects. The reason it hasn’t been able to do this is that the evidence has not yet been provided through scientific study and therefore that amount simply isn’t known. Moreover, without being proven through medical research, it’s also impossible to know if it causes negative effects if used over the longer term, if it conflicts with other supplements, drugs or medical conditions, or if it really does produce the promised benefits.

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