Dynamic Body Shaper Diet & Energy

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Dynamic Body Shaper Diet & Energy Review

Dynamic Body Shaper Diet & Energy is an over the counter diet pill that is one of several different products in that category made by Weider. Weider is a somewhat large supplement company that also makes products for several other health and wellness purposes. It focuses mainly on weight loss, pre-workouts, bodybuilding, weight gain, creatine supplements and stacks.

The official website for Weider has a complete webpage dedicated exclusively to Dynamic Body Shaper Diet & Energy. It provides some limited information to be helpful to dieters, as well as a partial list of all the ingredients that comprise the formula. This information can be very helpful to dieters who are trying to learn more about the product and who want to make sure it will be safe for them to use. This information can also be brought to the dieter’s doctor in order to be able to check into its appropriateness. It is a shame that it is not provided in any useful way on this particular site.

Interestingly, one of the first things said about this product on the website is that it does not contain any ephedrine. It is unclear as to why this was pointed out, unless there was, perhaps, a previous version of the product that once contained it back when the ingredient used to be legal. However, it does not specify, so it is impossible to know.

What this product does contain is not listed on the site. At the time this review was written, the only one of the Dynamic Body Shaper Diet & Energy ingredients listed on the official website was chromium picolinate. The product package also identifies green tea as an ingredient, though that is not mentioned on the website.

Chromium picolinate is sadly lacking in scientific support to indicate that it can be used for weight loss purposes. Well reputed websites such as the Mayo Clinic states that more research is needed to better understand chromium before it can be considered to be proven for use for dieters.

There is some research to support the use of green tea to improve weight loss results. However, without knowing how much green tea is included in this formula, it’s impossible to know if enough was used to mirror the results of the research.

A warning is posted on the website for residents of California in order to comply with Proposition 65. It says that this product contains chemicals that are known by the state to cause reproductive harm such as birth defects. That said, it did not identify the ingredient that was the culprit behind that warning.

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