Dexaprine review


Dexaprine review

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Weight Loss Effects
Suppresses Appetite
Increases Energy
Value for Money
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Dexaprine is an over the counter diet pill that has been designed to provide dieters with appetite suppression at the same time as it increases their energy levels. While the website remains highly enthusiastic about its benefits, it should be noted that these pills have been the center of a considerable amount of controversy as a result of claims from some users that there have been strong side effects associated with its use.

Before using Dexaprine, it is recommended that a doctor be consulted and that the potential user take a closer look at the ingredients. The reason is that this may not be appropriate for all users and it is a good idea to know that it will be safe, effective, and provide the expected results before spending the money or placing health at risk.

When investigating the formula, each of the ingredients should be carefully examined. When looking at the formula that currently makes up Dexaprine, the good news is that the ingredient that had previously been included in the formula and that was associated with powerful or even dangerous side effects has been removed. That ingredient has been banned in the United States, Canada, the U.K., and New Zealand, among others.

The new formulation of Dexaprine contains only ingredients that are legal in all of those countries. It contains: caffeine, green tea extract, acacia rigidula extract, and citrus aurantium. For anyone who is familiar with ingredients that are commonly found in the over the counter weight loss pill industry, the problems with this new formula should be easy to spot. For one thing, three quarters of its ingredients contain stimulants, two of which are very powerful. This, on its own, can cause side effects that are uncomfortable for many users.

However, the biggest problem that can be seen with this formula is that it contains citrus aurantium. That substance – also known as bitter orange – contains synephrine, which is a substance that can be dangerous for many users and can lead to severe side effects such as an increased risk of heart attack and stroke. That risk only increases when it is combined with caffeine, which Dexaprine also contains. The potential for an adverse reaction is strong enough that the FDA has released a warning to dieters not to use products that contain synephrine.

For this reason it would be difficult to think of a reason to recommend this product.

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