Creative Bioscience Raspberry Ketone Plus reviews

Creative Bioscience Raspberry Ketone Plus

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Creative Bioscience Raspberry Ketone Plus reviews

Creative Bioscience Raspberry Ketone Plus is yet another nonprescription weight loss supplement to have been created based on this very popular ingredient. Regardless of the fact that it has not yet been scientifically proven to have any direct link between its use and significant amounts of weight loss, many dieters have been rushing to get their hands on it after Dr. Oz brought it up on his television show.

The fact that Dr. Oz has since faced a U.S. Federal Senate Committee as a result of the unproven claims he has been making on this television show has not stopped people from wanting to buy it. In fact, many people still want it even though Dr. Oz has admitted that his recommendations of many ingredients he has called “miracles” despite a complete lack of evidence to support those statements.

It appears as though Creative Bioscience Raspberry Ketone Plus has been benefiting from that trend as it has been around for several years. What is interesting about the language of the text on the official webpage for the two raspberry ketone-based products sold by Creative Bioscience is that they say that “raspberry ketones have been researched and shown to help you lose weight.” That said, they have not cited any studies to provide proof for this statement. After searching through medical journal databases, no reputable research that would support this statement could be found.

There were some very early and preliminary studies conducted that have suggested that the ingredient warrants further study, but it is far from proven and it is not being recommended by the medical community as it is far too early to know whether or not it is consistently effective, how much should be used for the best results or even whether or not it can lead to side effects or health risks if used at certain doses or for too long.

This is not to say that raspberry ketones don’t help with weight loss. It is simply that the science and medical communities don’t know the answer and yet Creative Bioscience has taken it upon themselves to imply that they do. In fact, it makes reference to a number of different types of “tests” – still without providing any references or citing studies – that are supposed to indicate that using this substance reduces fat around the organs. It isn’t even clear if they are referring to studies performed on humans or whether they are mouse or rat “tests.”

This product is meant to provide dieters with the raspberry ketones diet pill option that is stimulant-free. This is because its main weight loss pill based on this ingredient contains stimulants in order to also provide dieters with a boost of energy and enhanced fat burning.

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