CLA Thermo review

CLA Thermo

CLA Thermo review

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CLA Thermo is a non-prescription fat burner pill that is made in the U.K. by a company called Ultimate Sports Nutrition (also frequently referred to as simply USN). This product is one of a number that fall under its weight control category, and it is also only one of several that use CLA as an ingredient and within the name of the product, itself.

CLA is a substance with the full name of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA). According to the official webpage for the product on the manufacturer’s website, the ingredient is naturally sourced. This is more than possible as it is a substance that is found quite readily in many kinds of food, such as turkey, some dairy, and beef.

This substance has been studied for a number of reasons, including as an ingredient that may be helpful for weight loss. At the moment, the research evidence supporting the use of CLA for weight loss is still in its preliminary phases, but it does look promising. It should not yet be considered to be conclusive, but even this start into scientific testing is better than many of the other ingredients that are currently found in the nonprescription diet pill market at the moment.

That said, there are several other ingredients that make up the complete CLA Thermo formula. At the time that this review was written, the other substances beyond conjugated linoleic acid, that made up these pills included: green tea, cocoa, rhodiola rosea, and yerba mate.

The website also took the opportunity to point out that the amount of caffeine that results from these ingredients, per soft gel capsule, is 41 mg. That is around half of the caffeine content of a relatively weak cup of coffee. Since one capsule is to be taken two to three times per day, it will more than likely be easy for the majority of users to avoid experiencing side effects from the stimulant. There may still be some with stimulant sensitivities who could feel that the stimulant level in these pills is problematic, but in all likelihood, those will be very few.

Equally, because of the low stimulant level, which protects many users from experiencing side effects, it also means that the actual thermogenic response for which the product has been named will be notably reduced. Overall, out of that formula, there isn’t really enough of anything aside from the CLA to make much of a difference. Even the green tea is used in lower doses than successful studies had used.

CLA Thermo may help to provide a fat burning boost, but if it does, it will likely be very mild, potentially to the point that the average dieter wouldn’t notice it.

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