Cho Yung Plus review

Cho Yung Plus

Cho Yung Plus review

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Cho Yung Plus is a nonprescription weight loss supplement that is called a “weight loss accelerator” on its official website. That said, further investigation into this product rapidly builds a number of doubts as to whether this product should be considered to be appropriate in any way.

The reason is that while the ingredients in this product are all clearly identified, it is also evident that their weight loss effects are mainly based on laxatives. This is an extremely unhealthy and potentially dangerous way to lose weight. It is highly recommended that anyone considering the use of this product first speak with a doctor . That said, it is more than likely that any reputable member of the medical community would only advise against the use of this product in favor of something much safer and more effective.

There are other red flags that rapidly raise when looking into who makes Cho Yung Plus and what it includes. For example, the official website labels the product as being “Proudly made in the United Kingdom”. However, the company that owns it is registered to an address that is located in Cyprus. Upon further investigation on Google Maps, this property appears to be an empty lot located in the middle of a residential area. Though this could imply that the map is simply out of date, it does cause a reviewer to wonder what that is all about.

Among the more positive aspects of the product is that its official website is brimming with information. Not only does it list all of its ingredients, but it also explains why they were each added to the formula. Although it does not provide any scientific or clinical evidence that these ingredients can actually do what the website claims that they will, at least it makes it easier for a dieter to understand what is being promised and why.

At the time of this review, the ingredients in Cho Yung Plus include: psyllium husk powder, bentonite clay, dandelion root extract, liquorice root extract, activated charcoal, citrus pectin, clove bud powder, fennel seed powder, garlic herb powder, ginger root extract, cayenne powder, chlorella powder, and aloe vera 200. The quantities of these ingredients are not listed, so it is unclear as to how much of each substance is provided with each dose. Taking this product according to the directions involves swallowing one capsule, three times per day with meals.

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