Carb Stopper Extreme review

Carb Stopper Extreme

Carb Stopper Extreme review

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Carb Stopper Extreme is an over the counter weight loss supplement that is meant to make it possible for a dieter to shed the extra pounds more easily than is possible with unassisted dieting and exercise. The concept behind the claimed benefits regarding this diet pill is that it will help to promote the blocking of carb absorption from consumed foods, making it easier to adhere to a reduced carbohydrate diet.

There is one active ingredient in this pill. It is an extremely common substance in the nonprescription weight loss industry called white kidney bean extract. It is that ingredient that the site claims is responsible for the carb blocking action There have been some studies that have been conducted on this ingredient and while they are mostly considered to be preliminary, there have been some promising results that would suggest that this substance can help to stop the digestion of some of the carbs that are consumed by a dieter.

That said, what the studies have yet to conclusively show is whether or not this action is powerful enough to actually lead to weight loss. It is one thing to be able to block carb absorption, but it is something else to be able to do it to such a degree that it has a meaningful impact on caloric digestion and will then lead to weight loss.

Therefore, while it is true that Carb Stopper Extreme contains an ingredient that does likely function as a carbohydrate blocker, it cannot be said that it has been proven in published studies for having a direct link to fat loss from the body.

There are some positive customer testimonials on the official website for this product, but it is interesting to note that there are pictures of the people associated with the testimonials, and that a few of them appear to be photos that were taken in a studio, as they are in perfect lighting with a clean white background, and it is a picture of the head and shoulders of the people, with no clothing visible. While it may not be true that this is stock photography or models posing for the photos, it certainly gives that impression.

Carb Stopper Extreme is sold with a 90 day money back guarantee, within which time up to 1 opened and all other unopened bottles can be returned for a full refund of the purchase price. That said, the shipping will not be refunded for this product.

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