Carb Intercept Sprinkles

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Natrol Carb Intercept Sprinkles seem like a method of losing weight that is much more fun than taking pills or fad diets. The real question to ask, then, is whether or not this product is actually safe and effective enough to make it worthwhile. Instead of popping pills, the concept behind the Natrol Carb Intercept Sprinkles is that you place them right onto the food you’ll be consuming to help manage the number of carbohydrates that are actually absorbed by your body. They are conveniently packaged so that they can travel anywhere with you, at home, at work, in a restaurant, or even on vacation when you go away from home.

Though the concept may seem appealing at first glance, there have been some customer reviews that have shown a downside to using a product that has to be sprinkled on food. The first complaint is that it doesn’t feel as medically sound and has a more “fad”-like association. Many customers also complained that while it seemed to be a good idea, whenever they were in public, it was embarrassing to shake the Natrol Carb Intercept Sprinkles all over their food. Though it is not the most subtle and discrete way of dieting, the up side is that people who struggle to swallow capsules find these easier to take.

Though the entire ingredient list was not available at the time of this review, the key ingredient in Natrol Carb Intercept Sprinkles was listed as Phase 2 Carb Controller, which is also known as white kidney bean extract (also known as Phaseolus Vulgaris). This is an ingredient that is commonly used in over-the-counter weight loss supplements because there is some clinical evidence that in the right dosage, it may allow for some carb blocking effects.

Related to this supplement, several unpleasant and undesirable side effects have been noted, including gas, cramping in the stomach, and diarrhea.

In terms of the actual form of the supplement of a sprinkle instead of a capsule, there truly aren’t any medicinal benefits to one over the other except that it may be easier for some to swallow the sprinkles if they struggle to take pills. The main ingredient is very common and there don’t seem to be any benefits except perhaps psychological ones for one over the other.

In order to decide what weight loss plan is best for you, whether sprinkles, pills, or anything else for that matter, it is best to speak with your doctor to ensure that it will be safe for your unique health needs and expectations.

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