Boots Fat Control review

Boots Fat Control

Boots Fat Control review

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Boots Fat Control is a diet pill that does not require a prescription to buy and that has gained a great deal of popularity just because it is under the highly trusted Boots brand, a well known shop in the United Kingdom. It is meant to function by cutting back on the amount of dietary fat that the body is able to absorb. The product is manufactured by Boots Pharmaceutical and is sold in the shops under that brand name as well as on its website.

This is only one of a number of different “control” products that have been out by the Boots brand. This has included pills meant for controlling a single element or combinations. For example, metabolism control, carb control, and fat control, among others. This specific pill doesn’t appear to be among the most popular weight loss pills that the manufacturer has created.

The official website allows for customers to leave reviews of products there and while there is record on other websites of the reviews having brought in only 2.5 stars of a possible five, that customer feedback has now been entirely removed from the Boots Fat Control page – which isn’t a very good sign.

At the same time, Boots Fat Control is notably cheaper than many similar products in the same category. It currently sells on the official website at a list price of £22.95, though at the time of this review, it was on sale for £18.39. Clearly there are opportunities to save money off the retail price. Unfortunately, there is only value in that savings if there is any benefit to these pills, and it isn’t clear whether or not that is true. Furthermore, the quantity of pills that need to be consumed is quite high.

The directions for this product are to take two to three of these diet pills after each average meal. Four tablets should be taken after a high fat meal. That said, a maximum of nine pills should be taken on any given day. This suggests that the package – as cheap as it is – may not last very long as there are only 60 pills in each box. If a dieter should take the maximum number of pills per day, then the whole package would last only 6 and a half days. This increases the monthly cost quite dramatically, to the point that these pills could be considered very expensive when used at that dose.

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