ALRI Tri-Lean System reviews

ALRI Tri-Lean System

ALRI Tri-Lean System reviews

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Weight Loss Effects
Suppresses Appetite
Increases Energy
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The ALRI Tri-Lean System is a program designed for weight loss that is made up of three different types of supplements that are packaged in one kit which – according to the manufacturer – will provide the dieter with the ultimate fat burning system.

The three ALRI Tri-Lean System supplements are Special Tactics, Lean Dreams, and Hyperdrive 3.0. Each of them has its own specific purpose to help the user to achieve his or her weight loss goals in a way that would be faster and easier than without their use.

Special Tactics is meant to block fat absorption, and to boost the fat burning process in the body. Lean Dreams is a supplement designed to support a healthier sleep. Hyperdrive is designed to be an appetite suppressant and a fat burner. Though the manufacturer makes strong claims about the benefits and effectiveness of each of these supplements, none are supported with scientific or clinical research.

Each of the ALRI Tri-Lean System supplements is made up of a proprietary formula. The HyperDrive supplement is primarily includes cocoamine, guarana extract, and hoodia gordonii. The main ingredients in Lean Dreams are oleamide, L-tryptophane ethyl ester, and ziziphus jujubaPE 2%. The Special Tactics proprietary formula includes primarily theobroma cacao extract, polygonum, and multiflorum proprietary extract.

Though neither Special Tactics nor Hyperdrive have caffeine listed specifically within their ingredients, they both include a number of caffeine sources, including guarana, theobroma, and green tea. Neither label makes special mention of this truth. In fact, the packaging for this product specifically says that it is “stimulant free”, even though green tea and guarana are both ingredients that contain stimulants and will cause a user to experience the same side effects that they would experience from a product that contains caffeine.

Though hoodia has attracted a great deal of media hype about being an appetite suppressant, it has yet to prove itself effective for either the suppression of the appetite or weight loss in general. So far, double blind placebo based studies have shown that there is no statistically significant difference between placebo groups of dieters and those who were giving hoodia.

The Lean Dreams supplement does contain typical natural sleep aid ingredients. It also includes valerian root, magnolia, and melatonin, which are all commonly used in sleep supplements and can have positive effects on sleep when used regularly.

Among the advantages of ALRI Tri-Lean System are that even though it is made up of a proprietary formula, its ingredients are still all listed online. Though it does not list caffeine among its ingredients, many parts of the formula are caffeinated, and that is believed to cause a boost in metabolism and energy.

Among the drawbacks of ALRI Tri-Lean System are that the quantities of the ingredients are unknown because it is a proprietary blend. The way that the product is labeled is also questionable as it calls itself stimulant free, though it clearly contains ingredients that have stimulants in them. Moreover, when compared to the competition, this product is quite expensive. Also, it contains unproven ingredients as well as those that have been proven not to work.

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