Activ8 X reviews

Activ8 X

Activ8 X reviews

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Weight Loss Effects
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Increases Energy
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Activ8 X Diet Drops are a type of over the counter diet supplement that come in the form of a liquid instead of the traditional pill form such as capsules and tablets. This product was developed by AMAS Enterprises Ltd. It is a part of a growing category of formulas that are a liquid to be used one drop at a time, as a part of a larger alternative sector of the market that provides an option outside of pills. This is appealing to individuals who struggle to be able to swallow pills.

The effects promised by the official website for this product include carbohydrate blocking, metabolism boosting, fat burning, and appetite suppression. This is quite the ambitious list for one formula to be able to achieve. It is important to look into the formula in order to decide whether or not it could be possible for dieters to be able to achieve these benefits through Activ8 X.

At the time that this review was written, the official website listed the ingredients in this product as being: chromium, grapefruit powder, grape seed extract, panax ginseng, pyruvate, garcinia, beta alanine, green tea leaf extract and capsicum.

The first thing that should be noted by this formula is that it contains a large number of ingredients. When a product has more than a handful of substances in its formulation, it is usually very helpful to know the quantities in which they have been included to know for certain that there will be enough of any of them to actually produce the desired benefits. Unfortunately, the official website did not provide that additional information.

It should be noted that while there are two known fat burners in this formula – green tea leaf extract and capsicum – they are extremely low on the list so it is unclear whether or not they will be powerful enough to offer measurable benefits. Moreover, it is also worrying that the rest of the ingredients on this list are completely unproven as they have not been researched in any large published study that would be acceptable by the medical community.

For this reason, it is very difficult to believe that Activ8 X drops will be able to live up to the considerable list of benefits that it has promised on its official website. Therefore, it is hard to think of a good reason to recommend this product over a range of other options within this market that have a much better reputation and more scientific proof in their track record.

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